How to get the most out of Job Center -Candidate Management

Table of Contents

Managing job matches, opportunities, interviews and offers.

To start matching with candidates, your Account and Company profiles must be complete and you must have at least one Administrative User or Job Manager.

If you need help completing set-up, start a chat.

Now that you have an active pepelwerk account and a completed profile you will be able to create a Job Profile and start matching with Candidates.

In this knowledge base article, you’ll learn about the Job Center Candidate Management process:

  • Review Match Catalog and Accept, Develop or Pass on Internal and External Candidates.
  • Review and respond to People Matches in Invited Stage
  • Review and respond to People Matches who are in Accepted Stage
  • Respond to request for Interviews 
  • Offer jobs 
  • Move Candidates to missed opportunities.  

Make sure that you have notifications turned on and that pepelwerk emails are not going to spam to ensure you can respond quickly to opportunities.

What is Job Center Match Catalog and Candidate Management 

Candidate management in your pepelwerk Work Hub account allows you to get, review, communicate and manage all candidates for an active/open job.

Searching for candidates or the profiles of people in our People Community is not possible at pepelwerk. You will only see matches that align with your job profile.

Your options for Candidate Management will differ depending on whether you are month-month user and have Hire Now or have annual contract and have Workforce Building.

How to Review Matches in Your Match Catalog 

Candidate Matches happen when the pepelwerk app and AI detect a match between a person’s interests and abilities, and an employer’s job. You can review the candidates you’ve matched with when you click on the Match Catalog column of a specific job profile.   

To see your Matches: 

  1. Go to Job Center
  1. Click on the number under the Matches column.

People Match Card vs. a Resume or a Public Social Media Profile

People profiles will show you why the person has matched with a job profile and any missing skills they may have. We only match based on the persons work attitude, their attributes and their abilities. They may or may not have a resume.

Pepelwerk does not prohibit people’s matching or fit to a job because of a lack of experience similar to a resume or word matching like public social media profiles. We test for proficiency and capabilities to use the skills required in your job profile.

How to Review Candidates in Each Stage of Candidate Management (CM) 

Invited Stage

Candidates can only show interest in your job if they are preferred members. This means that you will only see candidates that you want to see and are actively interested in getting a job.

When you accept a candidate, the People Match Card will move to the Candidate Management  

When you pass on a candidate, it will move to your Missed Opportunity tab.  

If you have Workforce Building, you can choose to Develop a candidate.

Once a candidate has accepted your invite to Hire Now or Develop, they will move to Accepted Stage.

Accepted Stage 

Once a candidate is in the Accepted Stage, you will need to choose details about the first interview.

Interview options: 

  1. Phone
  1. Video Meeting
  1. Match Event 

 TIPS: Make sure to tell the candidate what they need to be prepared for in the notes section to help set expectations.

After the interview is complete, you will have the option to interview again, share the interview with others, pass on the candidate or give them a job offer.

Hired Stage

Congratulations, this means that your candidate has accept the job offer. The job offer will stored in your Document Center and the Job Profile will be closed once the number of people hired for that job has been met.  

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