How to post a course?

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These steps are to post a course profile for the first time. If you have already posted a course, you can use the Create Copy of Course option to clone and edit an existing course by clicking on the active or inactive course name and then scrolling down to Create Copy of Course.  

Build New Course Profile:  

Log in to your Educator Hub:   

Go to Course Center and select Build New Course Profile or click “Add New Course” on the top right  

Select the name of your organization (if you do not see your name in the drop-down menu, then you have an incomplete Account Profile). Select Next.  

Add Course Details: Title, Description, and Course Image 300*300 px <1MB (optional)  

Decide if you want to provide Instructor Details (Yes/No). If yes, enter the Instructor’s Name and Instructor Profile URL if available.  

Choose course language 

  • Do you have a link to provide to potential students to enroll for this course online? (Yes/No).  
  • If yes, add the course URL. This can be a form, a landing page, or a link to a calendar to book a meeting.  
  • If no, provide instructions on the steps an interested student should take to enroll 

Choose Course Type: Instructor Led – In Person; Instructor Led – Online; Self Paced – Online or Hybrid (In-person and online)  

  • If the course is in person or hybrid enter the full address where the student needs to go to attend class 
  • If the course is in-person, hybrid, or instructor-led, enter max number of people that can participate in the course 
  • If the course is Instructor Led – Online you have the option to restrict to a particular Location. This means the course will only be visible to learners within 50 miles of your selected zip code.  

Enter Course Pre-Requisites, if applicable, such as skill, course, formal degree, license or certificate 

Enter the Course Schedule, if applicable. Include the Start Date, End Date, and days of the week the class will be held. This is not needed for Self Paced Online courses.  

Add the skill(s) students will learn when they complete this course. Select proficiency level for each skill: beginner, intermediate, or expert 

Add the job title(s) they can apply for (optional)  

Rewards: Select all that apply. When this course is complete will the learner receive a Degree, License, Certificate of Completion, Continued Education Credit, College Degree, Credit Towards an Accredited Degree, or None?  

Cost Details: enter the cost of enrollment, are the course materials included in the enrollment fee, and will be provided by the instructor? If not, provide instructions. How can the learner pay for this course?

Select all that apply:

  • Self-pay full payment at registration 
  • Self-pay payment plan 
  • Scholarship/Grant/Financial aid 
  • Pepelwerk learning credit 
  • Employer-sponsored 
  • Government grants 
  • Scholarships provided by Educator 
  • Loans provided by Educator 
  • Personal student loans 
  • College saving plan 
  • All of the above 

Not ready to activate it yet? click Exit & Finish Later. It will be saved to your Drafts.  

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