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How to review your learner matches in your Educator Hub? 

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Exciting news! You’ve received your first notification via email or in your Educator Hub Notification Center that your course is gaining attention.  

Check your new learner matches by either clicking on the link included in your notification or by login in your Educator Hub, go to Course Center and review all courses where there is an interested match. Click on the number to view the learners’ details and status.  

In the learner card you will find their Email Address, the target skill, and the date they swiped right on your course to show interest.  

What should you do next?  

Check your internal records to verify if this student completed your enrollment steps. If they haven’t completed enrollment, email them directly to follow up on their interest and help them complete enrollment. Pepelwerk will also send a nudge on your behalf.  

After the learner enrolls, move their status from Interested to Enrolled in the Educator Hub.  

When the learner completes the course, move their status from Enrolled to Complete in the Educator Hub. This will help with data accuracy in your Delivery Dashboard.  

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