The difference between Hire Now and Workforce Building

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Work Hub

Hire Now and Workforce Building

Interested in building your future workforce?  

Hire Now

  • Hire the ideal candidate within 30 days 
  • This is our base product for companies and is ideal for customers who do not hire frequently

Hire Now Benefits

  • Perfect for internships or entry level positions but capable to reach more skilled and experienced talent 
  • Any organization or business looking to hire talent quickly 
  • Reduce discrimination and bias in candidate selection
  • Better value for time, money and outcomes.
  • Take load off of HR department to source candidates 
  • Attitude, Attribute, Ability AI system rather than out of date resume 
  • No job boards 
  • No data dumping 
  • No AI generated resumes 
  • Match quickly, interview, and hire via your Work Hub account 

Start Using Hire Now Feature of Work Hub

  • Create Account
  • Reach out to us on chat if you have questions
  • After you create account you will create a company profile, add job managers and post a job profile
  • Then you can start matching with talent and hire within 30 days.
    • Price per hire ranges starts at $300 per hire.
    • You are charged 30% of the job fee when you activate the job the rest when you hire the Talent
    • Discounts apply for volume and length of subscription 

Workforce Building

  • For companies how want to build their candidate pool over time by helping people close technical skills or knowledge gaps to qualify for the job.
  • This is an advanced feature in the Work Hub and requires an additional purchase with a minimum of 1 year subscription agreement.
  • Use with Career Services to develop upskill current employees to add them to candidate pool for open jobs

Workforce Building Benefits

  • Qualify skills and develop talent over time to hire in the future 
  • Plan your hiring needs months or years in advance with our predictive platform 
  • Centralize candidate sourcing 
  • Reduce bias in candidate selection 
  • Develop candidates and employees to meet skill requirements 
  • Watch your workforce pipeline being built in real time 
  • Reduce reactive recruiting efforts 
  • Outcomes Dashboard 
  • Upload Training and Skills Courses for your employees and candidates to complete within their pepelwerk profiles to track and measure engagement and progress 

Add Workforce Building Feature to Your Work Hub Account

  1. Ask in chat how to add this feature to your account for $500 per month.

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