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What makes a good profile photo or cover photo/video?

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Making a good first impression is as easy as picking the right kind of photo or video for your Talent Profile. If you use the pepelwerk Talent App, your Talent Profile is not complete without both a profile photo and a cover photo or video. The images and/or video on your Talent Profile are one of the first and most lasting impressions you make on a hiring manager. You should take these more seriously than your social media profiles because the people who see your images are people who could hire you. 

Profile Photo 

Your profile photo must do two things: 

  1. Your profile photo should be an expression of who you are when you’re at work. If you wouldn’t hire the you in your picture, why would a hiring manager? 
  1. Profile photos work best when they are a headshot. They should show you from the shoulders up, similar to the way you look in a Zoom call. 

Cover Photo or Video 

Your cover photo or video is your opportunity to express yourself. Some of our Talent Community members who work in creative fields use their cover photo or video to showcase something they’ve created or a hobby that is relevant to their goal job (think graphic design, painting or a set for a photoshoot). Others treat the video as a pre-recorded introduction. While what you do with your cover photo/video is ultimately up to you, keep in mind that: 

  1. Your cover photo/video must be work appropriate. If you wouldn’t do or show what’s in your cover to your coworkers and your boss, it doesn’t belong as your cover. 
  1. Your cover (and especially your cover video) sets the tone for how hiring managers view you. You won’t have the opportunity to explain anything until after the hiring manager has seen your cover. Good, bad or weird, save things that need to be explained for times when they can be explained. 

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