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Do your employees need a little leadership coaching or professional development?

Leadership Coaching and Professional Development

Companies in 2020 are facing a lot of challenges that simply didn’t exist a decade ago. The gig economy has impacted staying power, public opinion changes employee engagement on a dime and the 90’s misuse of sensitivity training has made leaders feel inhibited to communicate in a way that keeps work moving and people inspired.

Once you decide to hire someone and you’ve made them an employee, you want that investment in your time and money to keep growing. If your employees grow professionally, typically – the business grows. Pepelwerk experienced coaches can be there for your employees and bring results for the business.

How does pepelwerk corporate coaching work?

Pepelwerk offers a subscription service for Companies looking to offer leadership or professional development to their employees. A business can purchase a bulk amount of sessions for employees to use based on your own eligibility and utilization rules. All virtual sessions, scheduling and activity are done through the pepelwerk app.

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Why should your business invest in offering leadership coaching and professional development?

The end result of effective corporate coaching is a clear demonstration of communication that is problem-solution oriented dialogue that moves business forward. Even if only one employee takes you up on your offer you will should see a noticeable difference in how that person shows up for work.

What’s the difference between leadership coaching and professional development?

Leadership coaching is for people who are managing others. In the complex working environment today, its tough for leaders to know what they should say, how they should say it and how to combine their natural leadership and personality into their communication with people they manage. Professional development is for employees who have the technical skills needed to do their job but could benefit from refining and expanding their soft skills.

how much is corporate leadership coaching and professional development with pepelwerk?

There is no commitment and no long term contracts with pepelwerk. You can set the amount of sessions you want to offer to your employees. Discounts on career coaching services can be applied when you business uses the Hiring Hub or any other future of work readiness solutions and services.

Already a pepelwerk corporate client and want to add career coaching for your employees?

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