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Become a pepelwerk Growth Partner

Partners leverage pepelwerk technology to increase their revenue/income, scale their impact and business objectives.

Consultant Partner Program

The consultant partner program is for individual consultants/advisors who provide their expertise to companies, education, or government agencies and are looking to expand their revenue and offer their clients a way to: 

  • simplify technology
  • improve outcomes 
  • deliver better operating processes
  • create better experiences for students, employees, members or citizens in a community

Educator Partner Program

The educator partner program is for organizations whose core business offering is training, certificates, licenses or degree-based content and you want to offer the best career service solution to your students and grow your revenue. 

Becoming a pepelwerk growth partner to help your organization deliver your mission, increase revenue and scale your business takes 3 steps and you can get started in less than 2 weeks.

Other pepelwerk Growth Partners

Affiliate Program

This is a great way for review sites, content creators or public personalities to monetize their content and help us improve our working world. 

Learn about the Affiliate Partner Program 

Associations, Clubs and Member Group Partners

This program is a great way for associations, clubs or member groups to help your members get, give and stay prepared for a fast-changing job market and grow revenue for you organization. This program is good for your organization if you have groups of individuals, companies, government agencies or educators. 

Learn about Associations, Clubs and Member Group partner program.

Solution Partner

This is a great way to get your innovation in AI, machine learning, automation and integrated into career management system. 

We are interested in your product or solution if it helps people get equitable access to work, improve the human connection when it comes to learning or employment or helps our customers create better opportunities to accomplish goals. 

Learn about how to become a solution partner. 

Searching for an advisor or consultant to help your company prepare for the future of work and education?

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