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Resumes: A Thing of the Past? Finally!

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Skill-Based Hiring is taking the lead but most companies are still far away from where we need to be to achieve economic and career equity. According to pepelwerk CEO, Kim Kelley, our goal should be to evaluate people fit vs data fit for jobs and more complex career responsibilities.  

The hype around AI and skills-based hiring is a conversation, that is way overdue when it comes to recruiting. pepelwerk, a career management platform and talent marketplace for AI and management to use over a decade ago. “We saw this trend coming 10 years ago and that is why we built a career experience skills-based management young adults, military in transition, and adults relaunching careers, match with and plan for jobs and careers that are better matches for their natural attributes, work attitude, and skills. No one has ever wanted to be judged by a resume,” said Kim Kelley, CEO of pepelwerk.

“This generation is just the first one to stand up and say, if you want me to work for you, then you need to let me know why and evaluate my ability to do the job differently.” 

Resumes have become outdated and are an effective tool for less than 10% of the working population. They have been proven to be an ineffective tool for hiring, and companies that continue to rely on them are missing out on top talent. HR being happy with the status quo will cost their company long-term success if they are not ready to change with the AI era and the new working world. 

According to a comprehensive study, the implications of skills-based hiring are particularly promising for the next generation of job seekers, Gen Z. The research reveals that approximately 80% of companies have abandoned the reliance on resumes as the primary screening tool, acknowledging their limitations in truly assessing a candidate’s potential. 

The rise of skills-based hiring not only benefits employers but also levels the playing field for job seekers. By shifting the focus from traditional credentials to a candidate’s actual abilities, skills-based recruitment opens doors to a broader range of qualified and diverse talent. This means that recruiters and hiring managers will need to learn a different way to communicate with and define that unicorn that they wish to hire.  This change is not just about trading a word-matching system like an ATS and a resume with a job description for a faster word-matching AI tool. This is an opportunity to evaluate people for people and businesses shouldn’t miss out by implementing skills-based hiring incorrectly. 

Leading the forefront of this skills-based hiring revolution is pepelwerk. Pepelwerk, a career management platform, has helped numerous clients in the past 5 years. They have assisted 47 clients from various industries in reducing their reliance on outdated recruiting, talent acquisition, and staffing processes. The innovative platform leverages cutting-edge technology and machine learning algorithms to transform traditional recruitment methods. Through a unique blend of skills assessment, job matching, and talent development tools, pepelwerk enables employers to make data-driven decisions and secure the most suitable talent in a rapidly changing job market. 

When we get there then we found a way to make AI work to better the human experience. 

This approach supports inclusivity, encourages lifelong learning, and promotes a more equitable hiring process. As the era of resumes fades away, companies embracing skills-based hiring are at the forefront of innovation and competitiveness. With pepelwerk leading the way, organizations can unlock the full potential of their talent acquisition process, while empowering job seekers to showcase their skills and thrive in the evolving job market. 

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