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What can be offered to terminated employees to find work?

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How are companies helping their terminated employees transition to new employment after a sudden layoff? We see this time and time again with big corporations laying off a large number of employees and not helping them transition into new employment. Some companies won’t provide these services because they can be costly and with them having layoffs that means the company’s budget is tight to begin with already. Or if a company does provide these transition offers you run the risk of being placed with a new business that would be a mismatch. There are no promises that a career transition program would even work. However, it is better than having no resources at all to start new beginnings. Yesterday Charles Schwab laid off as many as 2,000 employees, and that was said to be only the first round of it! Back in July 2023 however, they laid off 80 employees to reduce costs for the Schwab- TD Ameritrade merger. Those 80 terminated employees were offered outplacement assistance because Schwab wanted little disturbance in the company. Is the same assistance being offered to these 2,000 recently terminated employees? With these layoffs, people are now having to re-start the process of going back out and searching for what jobs are open, and also if they would be a match for them.

If only there was some type of company that was a career management platform designed to match people with in-demand jobs, instead of having to scour the internet for a place to work. Pepelwerk does just that and more! At pepelwerk, we take pride in helping people find the perfect job match for them. All the people who are looking to find their first job, want to make a career shift, or have just been terminated and searching for the next job; pepelwerk has you covered. We use a skills-matching software so there is no need for a resume because we want to do this solely based on your data. It takes less than 30 minutes to set up the account with all of your skills and capabilities needed to get you on the way to a job match. With the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, there will be no mismatching like with the other transition offer companies, there is no wondering how you will find your next job. So, there is no need to stress about how you will search for your next job after being terminated, there is only setting up an account with pepelwerk and letting us take care of the rest!


Charles Schwab Layoffs 2023: A Deep Dive into the Recent Cutbacks (

With the swiftness of a lightning strike, Charles Schwab Corp. fires as many as 2,000 employees with no public announcement, affecting legacy Schwab, as well as TD Ameritrade staffers | RIABiz

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