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Job: Ambassador

Job Description: A pwAmbassador is someone who drinks the pwKool-Aid. You know what we are about and want to spread the word to move change forward. You are out in the world connecting Talent to pepelwerk. You want people to get work based on skills first. You're a social person who enjoys connecting people through coordinated activities. In your Talent profile, put "pwambassador" as one of your skills.

Job: Connector

Job Description: A Connector is someone who refers employers to pw. Connectors are typically interested or currently involved in business-to-business sales. They are people who enjoy fostering great working relationships with decision makers and are passionate about providing their clients with solutions that help them achieve their business goals. Compensation is monthly paid commissions. In your Talent profile add "pwconnector" to your skills.

Job: Coach

Job Description: A coach is someone who is available for our talent members to consult with about their work-life dilemmas. You must have 5 years of work experience, working internet and access to a phone. Coaches receive $25 cash per completed coaching session. In your Talent profile, add "pwCoach" as one of your skills.


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