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Real World of Work

We help the next generation of Talent make smart investments in education and make a realistic career plan for jobs in demand. Explore the working world to make informed choices about your future.

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the next generation of Talent trying to make sense of the working world

High School

If you are confused by too many options or have no idea what direction you want to go in after high school, this is the program for you. We will offer opportunities to "try before you buy" in different areas of business so you can see where your natural abilities, interests, and skills lie. Building a strong foundation for the work life you want.


You're in college and working on a degree. Now you're worried about getting a job that makes you feel like the time and money you spent was worth it. This program will help you understand how education and the job market are connected. You'll earn, learn and work with guidance along the way.

Looking For The Highest Paying Jobs?

Of course you are! But the reality is that most jobs that pay good money require skills. This program will help you understand your natural skills, abilities, and interests and help close the gap for skills you need to learn. Giving you all the tools you need to start making money with a realistic plan.

What is real world of work

pepelwerk's exclusive Real World of Work program focuses on the reality of how organizations run to help young adults make more informed and realistic decisions about their earning potential and education needs. This includes finding work that is purposeful and allows them to pinpoint work that engages their genuine interests.

pepelwerk's unique and proprietary experience brings job seekers, companies hiring and educators together so that tomorrow's Talent can be ready for the Future of Work.

It's time to let go of old social norms

This traditional (old-school) path may not be the right choice for every young adult. Why not take an opportunity to slow down the process and find out what the other options are? We're not saying college never. We're saying that education isn't confined to higher education. Education at the right time for the right reasons makes all the difference in the world. That's where the Real World of Work comes in.

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