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We help the next generation of Talent prepare for the Real World of Work

Career exploration and planning webinar

We help the next generation of Talent prepare for the Real World of Work

Career exploration and planning webinar

who this webinar is for?


If you are right out of high school but have no idea what direction you want to go, join the webinar. We will offer opportunities to "try before you buy" in different areas of business so you can see where your natural abilities, interests, and skills lay. Without the pressure of picking a major and paying tuition, you can start to pick out your own career path.


Should I be encouraging my child to go to college? What are the other options? How can I best help my young adult succeed and thrive in the job market? How can we avoid college tuition debt and still make my child employable, The Real World of Work program helps address these questions. Join the webinar to learn more about how we address these concerns.


Are you interested in trying out several options before you choose an internship? Have questions about what internships are for or if they should be paid? We get into internships and offer guideance in each area of business so you know, going in, what to expect.


We invite all young adults trying to figure out how to make decisions about your first job or what to do after high school. Is college your best option? Is the ROI worth the cost of tuition? We talk about it in the introduction to the Real World of Work webinar.


We know you want to see your kids succeed after high school so do we! Join our webinar to check out the new Real World of Work Program and see how we can help your students find a personalized path to success.


Of course, we want employers to have a seat at the table. Are you ready and willing to foster changes in the way your company takes on young Talent? Do you see the potential in the up and coming generation but are unsure how to approach attract them? Come to the info session and see how our vision of planning for and attracting young talent is evolving the Real World of Work.

the old way

High School

We think it's nonsense to expect young adults between the ages of 17 and 26 to make a potentially life-altering decision about their career that could throw them into burdensome debt or into a job they have no desire to be in.

This traditional (old-school) path may not be the right choice for every young adult. Why not take an opportunity to slow down the process and find out what the other options are? That's where the Real World of Work comes in.

the pepelwerk path

If you're looking for a better way, then start with pepelwerk. We are more than just experts on the Future of Work, we are experts in creating realistic paths to get the next generation prepared for work.

We create a closer linkage between education and jobs, so that tomorrow's Talent can work, earn, learn and repeat.

Would you prefer to make informed decisions about what you can really do in the working world before you make any choices about pursuing a formal education? We want to see you get your first job and get work that you're exceptional at. And we aim to help you be thoughtful about how you invest your hard-earned money and use higher education as a tool to get the skills you need to further your success.


pepelwerk's Real World of Work Program focuses on the reality of how organizations run. For young people just entering the job market, this includes finding work that is purposeful and allows you to pinpoint work that engages your genuine interests.

To learn more about pepelwerk's Real World of Work readiness program, register for the information session.

During this webinar, we will discuss the program, the cost, and the selection criteria.

If you want to enroll in the Real World of Work Program, you must attend the webinar first. We only offer the program 4 times per year: February, April, July, and September. Space is limited!

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