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Resources and Tools for People who Work

pepelwerk is designed to help Talent create the working world they want by providing you the resources you need to not only get hired for jobs but to be your community and trusted place to get the resources you need. So, no matter how your work changes you can find consistency in managing your physical, financial and mental health and well-being.

Life Insurance

Do you have dependents that rely on your income? If so, consider life insurance.

Medical Insurance

Get access to Medical insurance for the healthy minded individual and family.

Healthcare Advocate

Find someone that can help you weigh out difficult and expensive health care decisions.

Caregiver Support

When other people depend on you for their care, find someone that can help you.

Dental Savings

Take care of your teeth and dental health.

Diabetic Supply Savings

Manage your diabetic health with the right equipment at a reasonable price.

Lab Test Savings

Lab tests don’t have to be so expensive. Find out how much you could save.

Legal Savings

Get legal advice and access to lawyers for some of life’s most common exchanges with the legal system.


Using pepelwerk to apply for jobs is a start to protecting your identity.  LifeLock helps prevent fraud.

Medical Supplies

Buying in-home medical supplies doesn’t have to be so expensive.

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