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Use Case:
Construction Company.
(Size 250-500)


  • A company in the construction industry that averages 160 hires a year and operates in one state.


  • High cost of talent acquisition and low retention.
  • Company needed to increase the volume of skilled people for the jobs and did not have enough internal resources, budget or the right technology to meet the people demands of the business.


  • Created a job profiles with the skills, knowledge and attributes.
  • Identified the geography and expanded reach for educators.
  • Started to match with people and actively close skills gap to get people employed.
  • Big year-over-year savings during the 3-year term. 
  • Improve skilled labor pipeline by skilling candidates and employees.
  • The company achieved hard and soft cost-per-hire reductions of $2,328, with estimated savings of $295,000/year. 
  • Reduced their time to hire and churn of Talent while increasing retention.

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