people make things work

In order to thrive in today's economy and remain competitive in the future you will need to hire people.
The jobs, how they do the work, and what you need done will always change. This highly agile way of operating is what pepelwerk was design for.

smart spending on people expenses makes cents

business problems we solve

Reduce Risk

Simplify your HR Tech Stack

Build Talent Pipeline

Reduce Spend on Talent Aquisition and Retention

Develop a Skilled


join other change agents

our clients choose pepelwerk as their pre-hire technology partner to get the most out of pepelwerk to source, skill and support their organizations workforce needs

how we help leaders reach their goals

pepelwerk is built to for companies who's leaders are interested in conscious capitalism. Profitablility and social impact working together.

Chief Executive Officer

create a team of people that can accomplish business goals and a company that delivers value for all shareholders and stakeholders.

Financial Leader

invest in people related expenses wisely.

People Leader

create a culture and workforce of skilled and diverse talent equipped with all the resources, tools, and knowledge they need to do their job successfully.

Technology Leader

secure and simple technology partners to help enhance the employee experience and make adopting and evolving with new technology easier.

Operations Leader

have skilled and ready to work people when business demands it.