pepelwerk is the best tool for talent acquisition to ready your company for the future of work

the best way to source new diverse and skilled candidates without bias, hire the best people, skill your employees and separate from talent with the least amount of risk.

what is talent acquisition?

Talent acquisition is one component of a people and culture strategy. At pepelwerk talent acquisition is not just a transaction to fill a job. It’s the one experience between the individual and the business world that can make social impact goals a reality and turn economic equity into a social norm instead of the exception.

Of course you already have a recruiting process.
It's time to evolve it.

Look at the impact of traditional resume based recruiting, open source job boards, data as commodity applicant tracking systems, targeted sourcing and bias talent aquisition to the next generation.

3 years and counting of helping companies grow and hire the next generation of talent

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consolidated software solutions

We've heard a saying that every minute someone starts an HR company in staffing, sourcing, recruiting, automation widget or plug-in, payroll, onboarding, engagement software, or human resource management software... We don't need more options we need to start putting things together to create better outcomes for all stakeholders.

This is why pepelwerk is designed to do something different. We are designed for outcomes, not transactions. We are designed to make adopting, using, and evolving with HR technology easier. We are designed to create the ideal pre-hire experience to bridge corporate goals with social impact.

our impact on your social impact, profitability, and process

start making a social impact today with every job