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pepelwerk is designed to help our Talent members connect to work at any stage of their career. We revamped the job hunting process, giving you the power to design your own worklife through one platform.

join the future of work

Talent Match

Find the right job opportunities based on your skill set, not on a keyword search.

Our secret Talent Match monkeys find a home for your unique skills based on what the employer requires for their circus.

Management Loop

Take the guess work out of the application process by tracking your status every step of the way.
The Application Management Loop provides transparency throughout each www of your job hunt.

Know if you are being considered for the job and what part of the process you are in, in real time.

Talent Profile

Your Talent Profile contains every skill you have. Get a match on your singing skills, your archery proficiency, or cosplay skill. (Or, you know, your Excel skills.)

Create a customized talent profile based on your skills and interests. No resume upload required.


Set your schedule to design your work hours around your life. Whether you’re full-time, part-time, freelance, or a side hustle pro, pepelwerk connects you to jobs that fit your workstyle.

Want to work from the beach or a downtown office view? Scheduler allows you to set your preferred work environment for both in-person and remote job opportunities.

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