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Travel Jobs

Flight Attendant

Travel Agent

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Tour Guide

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Ticketing Agent

Yacht Crew

Being a part of the Travel industry means that you want to contribute to the working world by finding ways for others to explore the world, their community or to connect socially. Jobs in travel apply across aviation, train, automotive, cruise and hotel industry. Travel also includes hospitality, experiences and events. Jobs in this industry aren’t just about travel agents, they are also about pilots, cruise activity directors, tour guides, event planners and more.


Employers who use pepelwerk have a “why” behind their business, are transparent about how they conduct business and understand that offering a job is more than just work its helping economies and change move forward and thrive.


Getting a job working in travel industry is easy with pepelwerk. If you are looking for your first job, a transition in work or want to get a job as a specialist in your field, pepelwerk is your community. Find jobs on-demand where ever you want to work. Create a Talent profile with your interests and get matched with jobs based on your natural abilities and get access to the education you need to learn technical skills.


We have the Educators that know what the industry needs to help these companies and business hiring people in the travel industry for jobs do the work they want. There is no such thing as skills gap using pepelwerk because we help provide entry level working opportunities that Employers need to today and help plan for the work of tomorrow.


Hiring should not be the highest spend for companies offering jobs. We think that companies can offer more to job seekers after they are hired. This includes spending more time on on-boarding and continued learning and development. Our Employers get the benefits of accessing on-demand courses from a global selection of teachers of credentialed and non-credentialed programs.


We know our working world can get complicated. So, we simplify it by creating an opportunity for Talent, Employers and Educators to come together to keep the working world moving. Our Employers offer jobs. Our job seekers take ownership of their work lives. Our Educators close the skills gap. Pepelwerk brings it all together.

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