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pēpəlwerk (that's people-work):
a global technology company obsessed
with improving our working world.

We are a little different

We are not a marketing platform, social media site, sales solution or public job board.

We are a private market place designed to bring back the human experience to the way we get work, keep work and stay relevant in a fast moving global economy.

our philosophy

Cut out the B.S.

We are focused on elevating the experience of getting work, creating jobs and all that goes with that. Anything that doesn’t help us do that, is cut out.


Our goal is to radically change how we approach our working world. While pepelwerk is a robust global solution, we want our users to have a simple process to do what they need to do.

You be you

We want the people who work for pepelwerk and our user community to show up authentically as themselves. As long as what you do doesn’t bring harm to others, we want our users to have a chance to be seen for what matters in the working world- creating jobs, doing work, teaching skills.


Honesty breeds trust. We are honest with each other and our users. If we screw up, we acknowledge it, fix it, learn from it, and make it better next time.

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