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The People

Krishna (Boss of Accounting), Julie (Boss of Content)
Giri (Boss of Product Experience), Amina (Boss of Marketing)
Amanda (Boss of Product & Project)
Venkatesh, Adithya, Jeevan, Sujana, Sandeep, Aravind, Hemanth, Vinathi, Madhava, Raghu, Sreekanth, Venkat.

Investor/Strategic Partners

  • HIFB Group


Investors of pepelwerk aren’t just financially savvy, they know that money makes things happen and believe in our mission.

"Making money and making change are both team sports," said someone super smart.

There are two ways to invest in pepelwerk:

Non-accredited Investors

Means you don't have the savings or net worth over $500,000.

You understand that you investing is a risk and it’s an all-or-nothing game. You don’t get any take backs.

You want to be part of the pool of other investors to get a little bit of the action.

Accredited Investors

Means you have cheddar/paper/coin over $500,000.

You want a large part of the action and may also want to be involved directly in the business.

You already know there are no take-backs and understand the risk-reward scenario.

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