a social impact enterprise dedicated to putting technology to work for good so that Talent, Companies Hiring and Educators have a tool to improve our working world with every job.

the people at pēpəlwerk whose work is with purpose

20 years of experience making pepelwerk possible since 2018 so that Talent, Companies Hiring and Educators can come together to change the working world for the next generation. Every person that influences the direction of pepelwerk brings diversity of thought, life experiences, perspectives and background. We don't endorse the idea that work on purpose means that you get to live in the clouds. It means that you recognize that what work you do daily either contributes to creating change in the world around you and the people you serve or it doesn't.

Strategy and Vision

This team leads to direction of the company.

Operations and Outcomes

This team is responsible for making sure that we deliver on our commitments to our customers.

Marketing and Experience

This team is responsible for making sure that our brand, message and attitude are consistent in our product and our outreach.

Change Agents and Ambassadors

This team is responsible for increasing adoption of pepelwerk technology and expanding the reach and impact of our mission.

Engineering and Data Scientist

This team is responsible for putting advanced tools in technology and computer sciences to work and applying ethical data practices to deliver actionable information to our customers and to the business


This team puts money to work to create change and participates in the responsible financial growth of the company to put pepelwerk's mission to work.

how to join pepelwerk


A talent is someone who has skills that are valuable in the job market.
Real jobs. Meaningful education. Expert resources.
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Companies Hiring

Source, Hire, Skill and work with next generation of skilled diverse talent.
Post a job profile. Meet candidates where they are. Close the skills gap. Plan for the future.
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Get your courses, certificate, licenses and degree programs closer to the job market and reach more learners.
Make education accessible to all. Reach interested learners. Provide career services for a lifetime.
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Give for Impact

Make learning accessible to all and donate to Free To Learn fund to remove barriers to education.
Make funds accessible for learning opportunities. Remove superficial barriers to accessing funds. Reward work effort.

Partners, Connectors

Join our extended network of companies, influencers, and advocates that partner with us to move our mission and theirs forward.
We are interested in working with organizations with a shared vision.
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