Customize an AI Career Assistant so your people can evolve with work.

For organizations who want to help their community, employees, members or students achieve work-life goals.

For individuals looking to create your own personal AI Career Assistant, get started.

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Helping more organizations help people be ready for the future of work.

What kinds of organizations should offer an AI Career Assistant?

Why would your organization offer an AI Career Assistant for your people?

To help them prepare for the future of work and empower with the most sophisticated tools to manage their own success.   

What does your organization get:

Why do your people need an AI Career Assistant?

The job market is moving faster than ever and people have changed working and learning expectations to align with their personal life goals. In order to do that, they need realistic information and guidance that works for their best interests.

What your people get when you offer them an AI Career Assistant:

pepelwerk for organizations supporting people's career success.

Career services annual subscription and variable fees:

$6,000 annual subscription for the Career Services module 


Variable fees based on what features and functions you want to add to the AI Career Assistant (ranges from $0 – $1,050 per person per year).


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