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Jobs change.
People Change.

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Rethinking Talent Acquisition In The 21st century

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pepelwerk is the most unbiased comprehensive way to source, qualify, develop, and match with the right person for the job, team and company.


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Create Your Attitude, Attribute and Abilities Job Profile


Match with candidates and/or employees to hire now and build your future workforce

What kinds of companies benefit From Workforce Building?

  • Growing or downsizing 5% or more per year.
  • Minimum of 50 employees or 10 hires per year.
  • Companies conducting mergers and acquisitions.
  • Industries that require people to know specific skills to do their jobs.
  • Companies with Social Equity commitments.
  • Companies looking to automate and implement ethical AI solutions to improve margins and people experiences.

Why would my company change our current recruiting and development practices?

  • Most legacy software does not work with today’s social expectations or labor market.
  • Most companies lack real-time access to the data they need to make informed decisions.
  • The rate of change due to AI is faster than most companies can keep up with.
  • Companies no longer need to personally invest in technology and can benefit from pepelwerk’s community driven solution.

What are the benefits to my company for using Workforce Building:

  • Transition away from discriminatory resume databases, gaming and screening methods.
  • Reduce the data breaches of personal work data and related legacy ATS systems.
  • Centralized sourcing efforts internally and with third party sourcing services.
  • Reduce bias in candidate selection with blind matching.
  • Close the skills gap in real-time for candidates and employees.
  • Watch your workforce being built in real-time.
  • Reduce talent acquisition, learning and development costs.

How will Workforce Building make it easier for me hire people?

  • Fully automated system from marketing to job offer.
  • Candidate Credentialing and Authentication Included.
  • Integrate to your onboarding, payroll or HRMS after job offer is accepted.
  • Add in-person or virtual match events.
  • Add optional VR Day-In-The Life videos to job profiles.
  • Quickly transpose job descriptions to Attitude, Attribute, Abilities based job profiles.

How will Workforce Building help me close a skills gap and increase interest in my industry and jobs?

  • Choose people that are the right Attitude and Attribute fit with interest in your company and jobs and actively help them close skills gap.
  • Get the option to participate in Career Exploration events to increase awareness and interest in your in-demand jobs.

pepelwerk for Companies Dedicated to Building our Future Workforce.

Job Center Workforce Building
Annual Subscription and Variable Fees

$6,000 annual subscription for Job Center Workforce Building Module.


Variable fees based on number of jobs and hires. Fees start at $300 per hire. Performance based pricing and additional discounts based on volume. 


  • Unlimited number of job activations and archives.
  • Unlimited job managers.
  • 2 Admin Users.
  • Delivery Dashboards.
  • Attribute, Skills Taxonomy.
  • Marketing and Communications.
  • 2 APIs/software integrations

Optional Features:
  • Skills and Attribute Compensation.
  • VR Day-In-The Life.

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At pepelwerk we want the job market and education industry to work together so that people can stay ready for in-demand careers. That is why we give 10% of all job posting revenue to our members to use to pay for knowledge building activities to get the skills they need for jobs they want.

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