Companies, jobs and people change. Be ready and predictively build your workforce. ​

Be ready and predictively build your workforce. ​

Start creating your job profiles today to hire the people you will need tomorrow.

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pepelwerk is the most unbiased comprehensive way to source, qualify, develop and match with the right person for the job, team and company.

Start building your future workforce today in four easy steps.

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AI Career Guide for organizations to help their people evolve with work

Why would my company change our current recruiting and development practices?

What are the benefits to my company for using Workforce Building:

How will Workforce Building make it easier for me to hire people?

How will Workforce Building help me close a skills gap and increase interest in my industry and jobs?

pepelwerk for companies dedicated to building our future workforce.

Job center workforce building annual subscription and variable fees.

$6,000 annual subscription for Job Center Workforce Building Module.


Variable fees based on number of jobs and hires. Fees start at $300 per hire. Performance based pricing and additional discounts based on volume.


Optional features:

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Post A Job Give an Education

At pepelwerk we want the job market and education industry to work together so that people can stay ready for in-demand careers. That is why we give 10% of all job posting revenue to our members to use to pay for knowledge building activities to get the skills they need for jobs they want.

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