Building In-Demand Careers

Building In-Demand Careers


Matching people with work based on attitude, attributes, abilities, skills, work goals. Get all the resources you need and a personal career advocate to get direct-hire jobs now, explore and build in-demand career.

Matching people to work and building in-demand careers.

The People App is a goal-oriented work-life planning technology that allow people to prepare for the future of work.
Helping companies build their candidate pool and skilled talent pipeline

Companies Hiring

\kəmp(ə)nē hī(ə)r\

For companies looking to source prescreened active and authenticated candidates, build their skilled talent pipeline and hire people for jobs in demand. 

Helping businesses hire and build their ideal workforce with candidates that are the right fit for the job.



For colleges, high schools, trade schools and non-traditional educators looking to simplify, scale and update career services or career counseling to help get students in-demand jobs. The Connector Hub provides administrators, their students and their employer partners a proactive outcomes-based experience improving student success after graduation. 

Offer best in class Career Services for your students.

Offer best in class Career Services Software for your community.
Helping educators close the skills gap and match with today's learner.



For educators offering courses, certificates, licenses, degree-based programs to a community of individuals and companies needing to close the skills gap.

Helping educators close the skills gap and match with today's learner.