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A job matching app, talent marketplace and modern recruitment solution
- all in one place!

welcome to pēpəlwərk, the matchmaker of the working world

Powered by skills-based job matching software, pēpəlwərk matches companies to the best candidates for their job openings and helps job seekers to find suitable work for their skills and interests. Plus, we let Educators engage with our Talent pool to advance their skillset.

pēpəlwərk is a hiring hub that matches and prepares developing professionals, trade,
specialists and skilled workforce to the jobs of today and tomorrow.

helping graduates and job seekers kickstart their career

join pēpəlwərk to boost your profile, learn new skills and find your ideal job.

Create a Talent profile on the pēpəlwərk mobile app to match with jobs based on your skills, abilities and interests. We empower the Talent of tomorrow to own their work lives, learn new skills and engage with suitable Employers. Work for who you want, on the schedule you need, in the location that's best for you.

enjoy a faster, smarter and cost-efficient way to hire staff

recruiting candidates doesn't have to be hard - we simplified the hiring game.

Post jobs and match with qualified candidates looking for work using our skills-based job matching technology. Our Hiring Hub and Talent Acquisition services enable you to source and manage job candidates all in one place, for full-time, part-time or contract staff. Fill entry-level positions, specialized trade and technical roles or creative job opportunities with ease.

engage with people looking to learn and teach the Talent of tomorrow

become a pēpəlwərk Educator, post courses and connect with our Talent pool

We match our Educators with people who are actively seeking learning opportunities to help them advance their skills and make them more marketable in the working world. pēpəlwərk is a simple and cost-effective way to connect with people eager to learn from your experience and expertise.

the working world is evolving

pēpəlwərk is designed to keep it moving

pēpəlwərk brings Talent, Employers and Educators together seamlessly to meet the needs of today’s working world.

Discover the benefits of our employment and recruitment solution for the digital era


No need for search options, advertising, resume dumps, or wordy job descriptions. Our hiring solution is streamlined. With pēpəlwərk, our Employers only see candidates that match their job criteria, whilst our Talent members only see legitimate matches based on their skills. Private Talent profiles showcase job seekers’ skills and experience and they're notified when they match with jobs.


pēpəlwərk is a job board and application management system all-in-one. Our vast experience in HR has allowed us to factor in all the things that really matter in the job matching process. This means that job seekers (Talent) are less likely to get caught in "application purgatory" and Employers can streamline their administrative process to save time and money on hiring staff.


Cutting out third parties to get Talent connected directly to work is better for wages, productivity, and cost containment. We quickly and easily match job seekers to available jobs through our contextual skills-based job matching technology. pēpəlwərk is driving change in the talent acquisition space. We invite you to join the hiring revolution.


The combination of life experience, education and social skills are what make Talent unique and valuable to Employers. Resume-based hiring is outdated and resumes are open to manipulation. Our job matching environment is profile-based and private - there’s no cheating the system! We've designed our hiring platform to match the next generation of Talent to career opportunities in a modern, relevant way for the digital era.


Our cloud-based recruitment solution allows you to take full control of every aspect of talent acquisition. From cost containment and analysis, hiring and interviewing, and communications with potential candidates, pēpəlwərk is an all-in-one solution to your hiring needs. We're committed to advancing our working world by simplifying and accelerating the hiring process through skills matching.


The most important part of business is people. We encourage Talent to continue learning and growing. Talent members can access Educators and Career Coaches to make them more marketable to companies. For Employers, we know that finding the right people is not the end of the story. pēpəlwərk integrates with other platforms to connect the talent acquisition and pre-hire phase, with HR processes, such as accounting and payroll.

Do you know your current cost per hire?

What the mission of pēpəlwərk?

Watch our CEO Kim Kelley discuss the mission of pēpəlwərk and how it helps people prepare for the way the working world is changing…

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