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a modern approach

to our working world

Simple technology to get people the work they can do today. Preparing people for the work of tomorrow.

What does pepelwerk do?

We offer technology and services for talent, companies hiring and educators to meet the needs of today’s working world.

talent work

Create a Talent profile on the pepelwerk mobile job app .  Get prepared for the Real World of Work or just get matched with real jobs directly from companies hiring. See a job you want but don't have the skills? Make a plan, and get the education you need to reach your earning and career goals.

Hiring Hub
for Companies

The all-in-one Hiring Hub creates the ideal pre-hire experience to source new hires and re-skill current employees as jobs change. Start by posting jobs with our modern simple recruitment platform and match with qualified candidates looking for work using our skills-based job matching technology. Or, do a skills gap assessment for your employees to keep work moving as the business strategy changes.

Educator Hub

Educators use our hub to offer courses, degrees, certificates and licenses relevant to the demands of the job market. Reach more employees in need of up-skilling and the next generation who want their choices and investment in education to make sense for real work opportunities.

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