workforce planning technology and services for companies hiring educators mission driven organizations civic organizations to create an equitable working world

A way to close the skills gap, develop a diverse and skilled talent pool and make a measurable social impact and keep people ready for work.

Launch your work life, get your first job, get work as a specialist, match with shifts, upskill or reskill yourself, your students, your candidates or your employees

Make an impact by breaking barriers to financial resources for learning and education and get education closer to the job market with our non-profit partner



because we all have skills

we don't need to react to the changing working world. we can prepare for it.

all-in-one workforce planning and sourcing technology

It's not just our technology that makes us innovative, it's our outcomes. We made it easier than ever for all stakeholders that influence our job market to close the skills gap, achieve diversity, equity, and inclusion and source the best candidate for the job when work needs to be done.

Create and Measure Social Impact

Do more than just say you want to create a diverse and skilled workforce. Prove it.

Simplify Candidate Sourcing

The complexity of sourcing and being found in the job market today is overwhelming. Simplify it.

Assess Work-Fit Based on Skills, Abilities and Attributes

Let go of a resume-based process and start matching and building a talent pipeline of people who can do the job you need done.

Create Human Connections

Technology is good, but people connections are better. Participate and have access to community, match, and knowledge events.

measure your social impact don't just talk about it

more people doing great work to achieve economic equity

The suite of technology and services for our community of customers is designed to make it possible for leaders to have access to information and shared experiences to help keep the workforce prepared for a constantly changing job market.

Measure Change with Performance Analytics

This is to let you know how well pepelwerk and your team are working to build your workforce.

social impact

Social Impact Reporting

Find out exactly what your company is doing to make economic equity just by leveraging pepelwerk as your modern hiring solution.

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people matched to direct -hire jobs based on skills and aptitude and attributes and saving on education cost to reskill themselves

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companies creating diverse and skilled workforce and closing the skills gap; saving money on sourcing and talent development

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courses in trade, certificate, license and degree based programs


secondary schools and higher education becoming more effective for their students through real-time career services and planning

source, screen, educate and evaluate the best candidate for the job

how we evolve talent acquisition to benefit all stakeholders

We are all living the consequences of the gap between the job market and education, job boards, resume-based application processes, outdated recruiting software, and treating a job like a commodity. Time for a change.

the future of work is equitable

organizations that inflience the next generation of talent entering the workforce come to us to make an impact in how, who, and why they hire and prepare people for work.

read, watch, listen to our perspective, case studies and more.

human connections
attend an event, get connected, access knowledge

we don't need to react to the changing working world. we can prepare for it.