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searching for jobs and recruiting candidates doesn't have to be so hard

hiring hub that matches and prepares
the worlds developing professionals, trade, specialists and skilled workforce
to the jobs of today and tomorrow.


Job seekers create their Talent profile on the pepalwark mobile app to match with jobs based on their skills, abilities, and interests. We encourage our Talent users to own their work lives by working for who they want, on the schedule they need, anywhere in the world.

companies hiring

Companies post jobs and we match them with qualified candidates looking for work. Use our hiring hub or our talent acquisition services to help you get work done. You can match with Talent to fill entry-level positions or specialized trade, technical, or creative job opportunities. Pēpəlwərk makes it easy to fill full-time and part-time positions or hire contractors to get your projects done. Whatever the job, we have your match.


We match our Educators with people who are actively seeking learning opportunities to help them advance their skills and make them more marketable in the working world.

Pēpəlwərk is a cost-effective and simple way to connect with people that want to learn what you teach.

the working world is evolving

pēpəlwərk is designed to keep it moving


No need for search options, advertising, resume dumps, or wordy job descriptions. Pēpəlwərk Employers only see candidates that match their job criteria, and Talent only sees legitimate matches based on their skills. Talent users have private profiles through the pēpəlwərk app where they can showcase their skills and experience and are notified when they are matched with jobs.


We are a job board and application management system all-in-one. Our vast experience in HR has allowed us to factor in the things that really matter in the job matching process. This means that Talent is less likely to get caught in "application purgatory" and Employers can streamline their administrative process.


Cutting out third parties to get Talent connected directly to work is better for wages, productivity, and cost containment. We simply, quickly, and easily match job seekers to available jobs through our job matching technology. Pēpəlwərk is creating a revolution in the talent acquisition space.

We invite you to join us.


The combination of life experience, formal education, and social skills are what make Talent unique and valuable. Resumes do not capture the entire essence of what a person brings to the table. We've designed our system so the next generation of Talent can be considered for what they can offer, which is much more than a resume can convey.


Our cloud-based platform allows you to take full control over every aspect of talent acquisition. From cost containment and analysis, hiring and interviewing, and communications with potential candidates, pēpəlwərk is a single solution to your HR problems. We are committed to advancing our working world by simplifying and accelerating the hiring process through skills matching.


Because we believe that the single most important aspect of business is people, we want to encourage Talent and Employers to continue learning. We have integrated opportunities for employers to help their employees gain valuable skills. Our Talent members have access to information in our platform to help them "skill stack" to make them more valuable and more marketable to employers.

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