Are you an expert in your industry or have you perfected a skill?

Volunteer as a mentor and share your career insights to help others land their dream job. It’s a chance to give back connect and make a real difference in our community by passing on what you’ve learned.

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What does a mentor do?

Mentors are seasoned experts committed to guiding individuals to their dream careers using pēpelwerk. By sharing your knowledge and experience, you help mentees achieve their professional goals, fostering a culture of growth and development. As a mentor, you’re pivotal in empowering users to navigate their career paths effectively.

Good match:

Not a good match:

How to become a Mentor:

Create your pepelwerk account.

Download the app, complete your Talent Profile and make sure to let us know which career stage you’re in.

If you match with a volunteer mentor job in the app, schedule an interview with us and get next steps.

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If your company or an organization you work supports volunteer pays programs, like the ones below, let us know during your onboarding process.

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