Looking for solutions to help your clients take action on your good advice?

Become a pepelwerk referral partner and help more organizations leverage comprehensive AI driven career management systems so they can move with the future of work.

What does a Referral Partner do?

Referral Partners educate their customers or stakeholders about pepelwerk to increase the adoption of our Work Hub solutions for organizations. You will receive financial compensation when your referral becomes a customer.

Working together to help organizations benefit from 21st Century technology that improves HR, education and career service.

We want to work with referral partners that align with our brand and our mission. Read more to find out if we would make a good match:

Good match:

Not a good match:

How to become a Referral Partner:

Register and watch the on demand information session.

Complete form and discovery meeting with a Sales and Solutions Specialist.

If we mutually agree that there is a fit, you will need to sign a Referral Growth Partner Commitment. 

Join the referral community, monthly meeting and get access to your partner tool kit. 

Our Management Consulting Referral Partners:

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