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Job Description vs. Job Profile

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Job descriptions are supposed to clarify what a person will do, how they will do it and why they are doing it (goals). Job profiles by pepelwerk clarify who, when, where. Together they can make hiring and building a workforce more effective. 

How does a job get created?

There are varying degrees of informal and formal process that a company can go through to actually create a job. This depends on size and hiring philosophy of the business and its leaders.  A job is created when someone has a need for someone (or something) else to do a task that they can’t or don’t want to do AND they have a way of compensating someone else to do it for them.  After a need is discovered, then the actual job needs to be defined and a value assigned to the work. We are just going to focus on defining the job for this blog. 

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Common Mistakes in Job Descriptions

Some companies hiring making the mistake of using a job description to satisfy the role of both a job profile and a job description. A good job description tells a potential candidate the tasks they will need to accomplish, the frequency of those tasks and explain how the tasks work to help the candidate accomplish their responsibilities and goals. Too often we see job descriptions that are not targeted and have language like ” quick thinker”, “effective” or “good communicator”. Those are attributes. Adding them to job description is where most companies create confusion. Job descriptions need to be accurate and focused on skills and the goal that job to the team and to the company. 

What is job profile?

A pepelwerk job profile defines who, when and where of a job.  This is important because it helps job seekers and companies align on “fit”.A job profile includes defining and describe the Attitudes, Attributes and Abilities that you expect the person to have IN ORDER TO evaluate (without BIAS) that a person has the capacity to do what you need done, when you need it done and work attitude that fits your culture. 

Use a job description and a job profile for the best results.

At pepelwerk we make it easier for our companies to use both to build up a candidate pipeline that better meets expectations of both the company and job seeker. 

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