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How does pepelwerk help CTE or STEM schools with Career, Military and/or college readiness?

CTE or STEM Programs: Public/Private/Charter Schools

This platform helps the schools start a student’s progress from skills assessment to job readiness. 

It helps the student take control and accountability for their own journey but yet through the reporting gives the schools the information as to what students have taken control and which ones need help.  Drastically cuts down the time the administrators of CTE have to figure out where to put resources to get their students through the process.  Schools are desperate for holding the students accountable.  Our solution does that from the beginning. 

Coaches and mentors add extra support to your program as well as giving students on demand interaction with someone in the world of work.  Virtual reality lets the students experience a look at what their job may look like. 

Gives a clear and concise snap shot through the reporting aspect where everyone is at any given time.  Extremely helpful when asked for progress of the program by government agencies, administration, school boards, etc. and even parents with this big trend now on parents being involved in their student’s education.  It would be easy to show the parents where the ball was dropped (which will usually be the student). The reporting helps make that interaction more positive because it is objective versus subjective. 

Gives the students a better feel for how their interests and aptitudes match with a job at the end of their journey. 

Identify areas where the schools could improve curriculum to meet the job requirements of the businesses hiring their students. 

Helps build a community interaction between businesses and schools. 

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