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How can pepelwerk offer career services to students enrolled in college?

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Steps for colleges to create their career services account.

Our coaches and mentor relationships will certainly help in this area.  Again these students have a hard time putting their finger on what it is they actually see themselves doing as a life goal. 

Retention of students is just as important in this area as the nontraditional  student.  May have become more of a problem the last several years because of the trend going away from degrees to skill training. 

This area is more apt to be willing to cast a wider net so our job pool will be extremely important to them. 

Because colleges are set up to help students find their first job experience but offer a chance for them to continue to grow and improve I think our solution of goal setting allows the connector to benefit from continuing career opportunities with their students. 

These students tend to change career paths more often.  Our VR career exploration helps the student visualize themselves in their job environment. 

Provides equitable access to job opportunities to all students. 

Can help the student identify the skills they need to go from their first job or practicum to a more desired job in the future. 

Gives the students mentors in their industry.  Helps schools make sure they are preparing students match industry certifications. 

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