How to get started with Career Services module in my Work Hub Account

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Career Services module allows you to make accessible the pepelwerk People App and Web portal features and services to your employees, students, members or community.

Learn about the app and the features that you can offer.

Why would I use Career Services module?

Our customers uses this module to offer on-demand career support for their employees, students, members or community so that they can get goal jobs, talk to career professionals and mentors, participate in events to help them meet and connect with others and get the education they need to launch, upskill or reskill for in-demand jobs.

What is provided in the Career Services Module

  1. Options for creating an Access Code for Career Services, Skilling, Alumni or for Outplacement
  2. All communication including emails, webinars and how to content to help your people get familiar with the service you are making available to them
  3. This module is excellent complement if your Work Hub account has enabled Workforce Building or Predictive Analytics for Outcomes and Impact reporting.

How to use the Career Services module.

  1. Activate the module on your Work Hub account.
  2. Decide how you want to design your Access Code
    • NOTE: If you have the Outcomes or Impact Dashboard activated in your Work Hub, we recommend you consult with your Account Manager before designing your Access Code.
  3. Decide your budget and choose your features that you want to be available to people who activate your access code
  4. Add the people you want to give the Access to.
  5. Activate.

What is an Access Code?

An access code is something that pepelwerk uses to provide your people with career support you want them to have and associate their account activities to your Work Hub.

An Access Code can do the following:

  1. Determine what jobs your people can match to
  2. Track long term career success and outcomes
  3. Provide ways for you to reengage them over time
  4. Give you information on skills and learning activities.

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