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The People In Our Talent Pool


People join pepelwerk to accomplish their work-life goals. A big part of our commitment to our Talent pool is getting them matched with, and prepared for, direct hire working opportunities. Our talent pool is looking to get their first job, a learn-on-the-job opportunity, an entry level job that is related to their goal career and skills -based jobs that require a certain proficiency level. 

Students Preparing for Their Goal Career

Our talent pool may currently be students that attend a public or private learning institution. They are currently, or plan to, get the knowledge they need to get the skills you want to match with in-demand jobs.

Armed Forces in Transition

We help support people who are transitioning from military to civilian careers. They are currenty, or plan to, transition the skills that they have gained while in active duty to in-demand jobs. 

Adults Upskilling/Reskilling and Launching New Careers

We help adults who are looking to explore a new career . They are looking for ways to apply years of professional experience and expertise to  new industries and job opportunities. 

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