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Career Coaching


Let’s face it: Work isn’t always easy.

Sometimes you need a little extra help figuring out how to navigate things. Lucky for you, pepelwerk offers career coaching that focuses on your needs!

Why meet with a career coach?

Communication. Collaboration. Time management. People are shaky on so many soft skills that are in demand. Give yourself a leg up when looking for a new job or applying for a promotion by working with a career coach to develop your soft skills. 

Interviews can be difficult. You’re supposed to talk about yourself, which is daunting for introverts. You need to be ready to answer questions that you might not have the best answers to. Our career coaches are experts at helping you put on your interview game face. 

Remember when we said that working late all the time is bad for you? So are other things that people do at work. pepelwerk’s career coaches can help you find the meaning – and the boundaries – that let you have your best work life. 

Running a club and managing a team are not the same thing, and the transition from senior to manager is jagged and lacks clear guidance. Wow your supervisors by preparing yourself for the challenges of leadership. You’ll be glad you did. 

When a career isn’t what you thought it would be, you need to regroup and pick a new track. Whether your situation was caused by a layoff, outsourcing, automation or just not liking the work, the career coaches at pepelwerk got you. 

Whether you’re trying to find your passion for the first time or you need help getting back on track and earning your next big promotion, career development coaching is something everyone can benefit from. 

Sometimes we see a problem, and we feel a need to solve it. Is your cause something that might be a whole career? Are you blazing a trail that hasn’t been travelled before? Find out. 

30 Minute Virtual Sessions

From your phone or computer, you can connect with your career coach virtually.

Submit 3 Available Dates

Once you submit your availability, your coach will select which one works for them and send you a confirmation date notification in the app.

Pay Per Session

Most career coaches charge anywhere from $75-$150 an hour. Yikes! We charge a friendly amount of $55 because we beleive everyone deserves access to great advice.

Create work-life goals that work for you.

It’s one thing to talk about our work-goals. It’s another to reach them. Knowing what career you want, how to get there, what milestones to look out for and what pitfalls to avoid is a lot easier when you have someone with experience helping you plan it all. 

Did we say pitfalls? Yeah we did.

Sometimes the things holding you back are agreeing to stressful situations like deadlines that make no sense or working late every night (it’s bad for you!). Sometimes we create our own pitfalls by doing things like procrastinating with an extra-long iced coffee break or depending on our work besties too much. And the funny thing about those situtations is that they seem harmless at the time, but they can end up being the symptoms of an unhappy work-life. pepelwerk’s career coaches help you navigate and understand these pitfalls so you can achieve your work-life goals.

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