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FAQ – Build my career

Someone who joins the people community, by creating an account on pepelwerk, is looking to use our technology and services to accomplish their work-life goals by getting direct access to jobs, education, professional mentors, coaches and more.  

People come to us who are looking for career discovery, relaunching careers or someone who has a specific set of skills and are looking to get a goal job or income, to get education to close a skills gap or broaden your connections.  

1. Create your account in the people portal 

2. Download the pepelwerk mobile app 

3. Select a membership type and experiences that fit your needs: Free, Preferred Monthly and Preferred Annual 

4. Follow the steps to set up your goals and complete your profile, we will guide you through the rest!  

Please visit this page to learn about your options.

Because we are in the business of putting people first. We commit to keeping you earning, relevant, and informed as you navigate the working world. 

  • Get direct employment opportunities 
  • Savings and real-time education options 
  • Access to group benefits and discounts  
  • As a member of our community, you have a unique opportunity to create a profile that can stay with you your entire working life. As your skills change and become more advanced, so does your earning potential.  

Absolutely! Our tools are beneficial for a broad range of experience levels, especially for someone without previous work experience. 

We care about your potential, your transferable skills, and what you can do. 

Companies who post jobs, internships, externships, and learn-on-the-job opportunities with us are focused on skills and abilities gained from both professional experiences as well as life experiences.

You don’t need to upload a resume since we match you directly with opportunities based on your attributes, attitude, and abilities, not based on your work history. 

However, you can attach one to your profile if you choose to do so.

Our Career Coaches can help you optimize your Talent profile to help you get the jobs you want today and identify goal jobs.  

To schedule a session, go to the Coach Center on our mobile app

To Download App, please click here.

We take personal data protection seriously. Only people within our community can have access to the personal information you share when you have a mutual interest. At no time, unless you give us permission, do we share your data outside of our space.

No. Your account information and your Talent profile are not accessible to the public. Your profile can only be viewed by the opportunities you match with. You can turn on and off features and matches whenever you no longer need them and still stay engaged in the community. 

Pepelwerk is about matching not searching. We do not use resumes to define who you are. Instead, we get to know more about your goals, attributes, abilities, attitude, and work brand so we can provide you the most realistic and relevant information and match activity.  

Simply put, skills are things that we can do. 

We learn them through life, school, and work. We gain many skills from our day-to-day that most people don’t even realize or recognize their value in the job market. 

Life skills are things you learn from your surroundings. Soft skills involve your social and people skills. Hard skills are the things you actively had to seek out to learn. 

Many people confuse attributes and personality with their skills. Attributes and personality are who you are. Skills are the things you can do. 

When building your Talent profile to match with jobs successfully, list the skills that make you unique or make the job you seek unique. Only list those skills you want to use in your next job, otherwise, you may not get the right match. 

As best practice, think ‘quality’ of skills over quantity. 

If you need advice on how to build your Talent profile and how to optimize it to get the best matches, schedule a coaching session with one of our Career Coaches by accessing the Coach Center in our mobile app.

Yes! We want our members to maximize their earning potential. One of the ways we help with this is by connecting you directly with work that is available when you are. 

In our mobile app, go to Work Settings and select Work Availability to make changes.

Work and internships are available anywhere our U.S. based hiring companies post their opportunities. This may include opportunities in countries outside of the United States. You will only see work opportunities where they have valid employment authorization or citizenship or in countries that you have an interest in working in and the company will sponsor. 

To make changes to your work authorization, in the mobile app go to Work Settings and select Authorized Countries.

No. Scrolling through endless job listings, which usually end up being a waste of your time, is not our thing. We want to connect you directly with the hiring companies you will have the most success with. 

We do the search and hustle for you! 

Once you receive a job match or invitation to apply, swipe right to accept or left to pass.

No, we do not check references. But, please do not try to fake it until you make it. The truth will eventually become known during the process. Deceit will only end up hurting your personal brand and work reputation. Once you match with an opportunity, the hiring company will require you to participate in company-specific screening procedures. 

We are sad to see you go! 

However, if you must and are struggling to do it, we broke it down for you. 

Our app notification emails and marketing emails have separate ways to opt-out from. If you downloaded the app and created a Talent profile, then you will receive job match and educator match notifications in your email inbox. 

If you no longer want to receive app emails and no longer wish to use our services, you will have to deactivate your account in Account Settings. All marketing emails separate from the app can be opted-out of at the bottom of each email.

You will match to verified, real jobs that are exclusive to pepelwerk. Show interest in jobs you want immediately and tag your goal jobs. We may also show you recommendations from jobs we found on the internet for you to consider.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of January 2023, the median job search in the U.S. is 9.1 weeks, and the mean average is 20.4 weeks. Many things can affect your jobs search, including your location, your skills and how advanced you are in your career.

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