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FAQ – Career services

A Connector is an organization such as a School District, High School, Post High School Educator, Private and Public Learning Institution, or Membership Based organization interested in outsourcing or expanding their career services and job opportunities for their students, graduates, alumni or members.

Connectors use pepelwerk:  

  • To offer the best career development technology to launch careers, upskill or reskill.  
  • To offer on-demand personalized career services including career coaching, job matching, internship matching, and learning opportunities to be ready for the future of work.  
  • To offer our career readiness and internship program: The Real World of Work 
  • Because you care about the people, students and employees in your organization.
  • Access innovation in technology, behavioral sciences, advanced predictive data analytics in an adaptive cloud-based platform  
  • Access best-in-class career service and experiences for your students, employees or members   
  • Measure population outcomes and success rate through impact reporting
  • Maintain personal privacy of community in closed marketplace 
  • Make it easier for your population to prepare and get in-demand jobs and stay prepared for the future of work

Create your Connector Hub account. Select option: “I want to offer Career Services to my community or students.” Then schedule your onboarding here. 

Not ready to start yet? schedule a discovery call with us.

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