Workforce Readiness Program

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What is pepelwerk’s Workforce Readiness Program?  

The Workforce Readiness Program offered by pepelwerk is designed to help people get in demand jobs of the future.  

To qualify for this program, you must have interest in one of the eligible industries and you must be a U.S. citizen. 

Individuals who meet eligibility and get accepted into this program will receive federal or state funds to cover fundamental career support services up to $1,050 to help you get an entry-level goal job within your industry of interest. 

This program is available for US citizens living abroad.  

Why was pepelwerk’s Workforce Readiness Program created?  

From time-to-time pepelwerk is asked by government and industry partners to help them build in-demand jobs with specific skills requirements. When these opportunities become available, we reach out to our Talent Community and People Hub members to make you aware of these opportunities, help you get access to these state and federal grants and guide you through the process of using these funds to learn new skills and get your goal job.  

Do I have to pay anything to participate in pepelwerk’s Workforce Readiness Program?  

No. If you meet eligibility and pass the approval process, you automatically get access to career support services at no cost to you.  

I am interested in participating in pepelwerk’s Workforce Readiness Program, what’s next?  

First, go to your pepelwerk mobile app and add the industry you are interested in working in under Areas of Interest in your Talent Profile (tap pencil icon to edit).  

It must be one of the eligible industries: 

  • Cybersecurity 
  • Environmental Services / Sustainability 
  • Oil & Energy / Natural Resources 
  • Construction 
  • Marketing & Advertising 

Second, add a skill you would like to learn related to your goal job and industry of interest. Example:  

Area of Interest Want to Learn Skill 
Cybersecurity Computer Security – Learning 
Environmental Services/Sustainability Environmental Services – Learning 
Oil & Energy / Natural Resources Stem Science – Learning 
Construction Construction Project Management – Learning 
Marketing & Advertising Digital Marketing- Learning 

Third, go to your Work Profile -> Work Availability -> Work Commitment to add Part-Time and check “yes” for learn-on-the-job opportunities.  

Last, get your job match and swipe right to accept the match. You will receive an interview invitation to complete the approval process. If the job match doesn’t show up withing 48 hours, reach us on chat here (add link to talent support chat).  

What’s the approval process for pepelwerk’s Workforce Readiness Program?  

The approval process will take place during your 30-min interview. You will be asked a series of questions to ensure you meet eligibility criteria and ensure this program is the right fit. It’s also a space for you to ask questions. After the interview, you will either receive a “job offer” which means you have been approved to participate in the program. This doesn’t mean you have been hired for the job.  

To accept, swipe right on the job offer in your pepelwerk mobile app.  

What type of career support services are included in pepelwerk’s Workforce Readiness Program?  

  • Work readiness 101 online courses. 
  • 12 months Preferred Membership and a Personal ID Wallet to reduce exposure of personal identity.  
  • AI Attributes Assessment for career recommendations. 
  • 3 Career Coaching Sessions. 
  • 2 Career Exploration Event tickets. 
  • 2 VR job exploration sessions for your goal job. 
  • Mentors matched based on goal jobs. 
  • Practicum, internship, first-time job and goal job placement. 
  • Education recommendations to courses, certificates, colleges, universities, and trade schools at a reasonable price, offering the skills needed to reach your income goals. 

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