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to get the job you want?

Get the knowledge, experience and connections you need to get the job you want.

The Real World of Work Program

Common Problems You May Be Facing

How We Help You Solve Them

You don't know what you don't know

Get realistic information and insights to make smart and informed decisions about your future

You don't have work experience for a resume

Gain Internship and Work Experience

You aren't sure if your goal job requires a college degree

Get matched with education that makes sense for the job you want

You are concerned about student debt and want to be wise financially

Get access to financial resources and savings programs to get the education need

You don't have a lot of connections to build professional relationships

Build connections and learn how to present yourself professionally

You get a lot of advice but aren't sure how it really applies to your personal goals

Get a personal work-life advocate to help you make the best decisions to accomplish your goals

You are not really sure what is expected of you when you get a job

Get access to courses and content to help prepare you for work

Join 1,000's of others who have joined the program

7 out of 10 participants say that they learn information about income and job choices that they didn't know before the program.

9 out of 10 people who participate say that they have more confidence about their future career plan.

10 out of 10 participants say that they felt like they had an advocate who really new how the job market and education can work together to help me reach my goals.

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