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How to create a pepelwerk account for my organization?

Table of Contents

If you are here, your organization is either:  

  • A company looking to source prescreened active and authenticated candidates, build your skilled talent pipeline and hire people for jobs which are in demand.
  • A career services department at a high school, college, trade school or non-traditional educator looking to scale, simplify and update career services to help get your student in-demand jobs.  

The pepelwerk account you will need to create is the Work Hub Account.  

Step 1. Sign up at: and select your primary reason for creating a Work Hub account. 
Step 2. Enter your full name, email, mobile number (must be +1 USA country code) and set up a password 
Step 3. Complete email and mobile number verification 
Step 4. Complete the tutorial to get a quick tour of the most innovative people-centered candidate sourcing and people development technology!
Step 5. Complete your Account Profile. Enter:  
  • Company name 
  • Federal Employer Identification number (FEIN/EIN). Validate.  
  • Secondary DBA name (if applicable) 
  • Average number of new hires yearly  
  • Website URL 
  • Company Phone Number  
  • Select if you will create jobs and hire for this company: Yes/No

A red exclamation mark may appear from time to time if a section requires your attention. All required sections must be complete before you can use Job Center or Career Services.  

If you have a parent company structure with child companies, you can choose to add them inside one work hub account by using the Add Company option.  

Step 7. Manage your team in User Management. Create new user profiles and manage what they can do on the company account(s). 
Step 8. Go to Job Center to create new job profiles 
Step 9. Go to Career Services to Create a new Access Code.   
  • Access Code for Companies: Give your candidates and/or employees the opportunity to achieve their professional goals and give your company the opportunity to upskill and build your workforce.
  • Access Code For Career Services Departments, High Schools, Colleges, Trade Schools, and Non-Traditional Educators to offer your students scalable and simplified career services features to achieve their work-life goals and get work ready while providing you with measurable data and success insights.   

Step 10. Payment Center to add and manage your payment methods  
Step 12. Bookmark your Work Hub:  

Need assistance? Contact us (add link to drift for client organizations) or visit our Help Center.  

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