Empower your teaching and propel your students into their future careers.

At pepelwerk, we understand the pivotal role teachers play in shaping the workforce of tomorrow. Our platform is designed to transform how educators measure success and guide students towards fulfilling careers, making the journey from classroom to career seamless, skill-focused and deeply rewarding.

Why pepelwerk is a game-changer for Educators:

Simplify the path from learning to employment by aligning your teaching directly with the job market’s needs. Our Work Hub Job Center opens doors to equitable work-based learning opportunities, including internships, apprenticeships and entry-level positions, ensuring your students are not just ready but preferred for the future job market.

With our innovative skills predictor, you’re equipped to teach the skills that matter most. Automate your course content to match in-demand skills, ensuring your students are always ahead of the curve and highly marketable.

Our outcomes and impact reporting tools allow you to track your students’ progress across learning, earning, working and connecting. Witness firsthand the impact of your teaching and the tangible success of your students as they achieve their goals.

Transforming students into career-ready professionals:

Offer your students a lifelong career companion with our AI Career Assistant, featuring data protection, a credential wallet and an AI career predictor. It’s career support that grows with them, ensuring they’re always on the right path.

Beyond the classroom, our platform facilitates direct placement into work-based learning and various job opportunities, bridging the gap between education and employment with precision and care.

Access to Career Coaches and Mentors who resonate with your students’ language and interests, providing personalized guidance and support to navigate their career journey successfully.

pepelwerk helping teachers build the future workforce.

Teachers can create an account for up to 25 students without an annual subscription plan. If you are a teacher and want your Organization to use pepelwerk, learn more here.

No cost to you:

Premier features:

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