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Category: Career Coach

Yes! We recommend that you set your availability to your average week. For every Talent that requests a session with you, you will receive 3 different dates and times to choose from, and you will have the ability to accept or decline based on your personal availability.

Yes! We want our members to maximize their earning potential. One of the ways we help with this is by connecting you directly with work that is available when you are. 

In our mobile app, go to Work Settings and select Work Availability to make changes.

Category: Events

No. Once you register and pay for your participation in the event we will not give you a refund. If we cancel the event, we will give you the option to choose another event in the future.

At the end of your coaching session, your coach will provide you with information on how to schedule another coaching session with them.

No. Scrolling through endless job listings, which usually end up being a waste of your time, is not our thing. We want to connect you directly with the hiring companies you will have the most success with. 

We do the search and hustle for you! 

Once you receive a job match or invitation to apply, swipe right to accept or left to pass.

Absolutely! Our tools are beneficial for a broad range of experience levels, especially for someone without previous work experience. 

We care about your potential, your transferable skills, and what you can do. 

Companies who post jobs, internships, externships, and learn-on-the-job opportunities with us are focused on skills and abilities gained from both professional experiences as well as life experiences.

No, we do not check references. But, please do not try to fake it until you make it. The truth will eventually become known during the process. Deceit will only end up hurting your personal brand and work reputation. Once you match with an opportunity, the hiring company will require you to participate in company-specific screening procedures. 

Category: Career Coach

Yes. When you become a Career Coach for pepelwerk, you receive training on our coaching methodology which includes I.C.F. core competencies and the unique nuances of career coaching.

If you are interested in working at pepelwerk as a Career Coach, download our mobile app, complete your Talent profile, and add pwCoach as one of your skills.

We receive all forms of payment. The cost of the program is also covered by College Savings Plan, academic, sports or personal achievement scholarships or grants that you might have received, or, payment plans and some sponsorship from our Non-Profit partners may be eligible. If you cannot afford our program, we can see if you qualify for other programs. Just reach out to us on Chat and let us know your circumstances. 

Your time is important to us, so your coach will be matched based on your availability. When scheduling a coaching session, you will provide 3 different dates and times that you are available to meet for a coaching session. Your coach will then confirm which date works best for them and you will get a confirmation email that your coaching session has been scheduled.

A company’s hiring strategy varies based on size, industry, and roles. If you have a particular question, please contact us. In general, once you register your Company with pepelwerk, we give you all the tools you need to add us to your strategy. We can pretty much match with 90% of the jobs you need to fill. We’ll leave the 10% of senior leadership and executives roles to LinkedIn. They do a good job with that.

We are all about the results. Once you create your Company Account you will have access to the Work Hub’s dashboard where you will find all the information you need including time-to-fill, cost-to-fill, churn rate, and more. Here you can view all the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) associated with your job postings.

No need for special reports or Frankenstein excel sheets.

The Real World of Work Program is for anyone who is ready to start making informed and practical decisions about work and education, while strategically aligning those decisions to life goals. If this sounds like you, then register here. 

You don’t need to upload a resume since we match you directly with opportunities based on your attributes, attitude, and abilities, not based on your work history. 

However, you can attach one to your profile if you choose to do so.

Pepelwerk is about matching not searching. We do not use resumes to define who you are. Instead, we get to know more about your goals, attributes, abilities, attitude, and work brand so we can provide you the most realistic and relevant information and match activity.  

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of January 2023, the median job search in the U.S. is 9.1 weeks, and the mean average is 20.4 weeks. Many things can affect your jobs search, including your location, your skills and how advanced you are in your career.

In most cases, you will get a confirmation email within a few hours. At times it could take slightly longer as we search for a coach that is available during your requested times.

Category: Career Coach

pepelwerk Career Coaches create their own schedule. We do not control when or where a coach takes sessions, but we do have safety guidelines and conditions to keep both you and our Talent users out of harm’s way.

Our Talent users want to schedule coaching on their time, so our coaches are not asked to keep a set schedule. The more flexible your availability, the more opportunity for you to receive more coaching sessions.

Category: Events

Every event is different, and each event has a capacity limit. You will know how many participants to expect on the events page. After you register for an event, you will receive updates on participation as we get closer to the event date.

Category: Events

The cost to attend or participate in any event hosted by pepelwerk is different for each attendee. If you are customers with annual memberships or services plans some events are no cost to you or at a discounted rate. Please visit the registration page for each event to get more details.

The better prepared you are for your session, the more you will get out of it. You should prepare several topics relating to your professional development and readiness to discuss with your coach and have them ready. You should find a quiet space without distractions so that you can give 100% of your focus to the session. Make sure to set at least a 30-minute reminder notification for your session so that you will be on time and get the full 30 minutes of coaching. Have your coaching topics ready. Some possible coaching session topics are:  

  • How to build confidence in the interview process  
  • How to prepare for a job interview  
  • How to acquire a job interview
  • “I have no idea what to do for my career”  
  • “How do I pick which of my professional interests to pursue?”  
  • How to create goals for yourself and your career  
  • How to manage a difficult supervisor  
  • How to improve contribution to a team 
  • How to get promoted  
  • How to ask for an increase in compensation  
  • How to give notice without burning a bridge 

These are just suggestions! You can bring any other topics that you want to discuss and are relevant to your life and your professional career.

1. Create your account in the people portal 

2. Download the pepelwerk mobile app 

3. Select a membership type and experiences that fit your needs: Free, Preferred Monthly and Preferred Annual 

4. Follow the steps to set up your goals and complete your profile, we will guide you through the rest!  

Category: Educator

Click here to access the Educator Hub and create your account. Once your account is created and validated, you will be able to post courses and start matching with interested Learners.

We are sad to see you go! 

However, if you must and are struggling to do it, we broke it down for you. 

Our app notification emails and marketing emails have separate ways to opt-out from. If you downloaded the app and created a Talent profile, then you will receive job match and educator match notifications in your email inbox. 

If you no longer want to receive app emails and no longer wish to use our services, you will have to deactivate your account in Account Settings. All marketing emails separate from the app can be opted-out of at the bottom of each email.

Create your Connector Hub account. Select option: “I want to offer Career Services to my community or students.” Then schedule your onboarding here. 

Not ready to start yet? schedule a discovery call with us.

Yes. After completing your registration and company profile in our Work Hub, you can reach out to us to have a Client Success Specialist (CSS) assigned to your account. Our CSS are recruiters who are trained to maximize the pepelwerk platform. They are your partner in understanding how to create the most effective job profile to match with the Talent you want to hire. 

We love to hear when a pepelwerk career coach helps an individual achieve their goals! After your coaching session, you will have the option to provide feedback about your coach. This helps us to improve the career coaching system and give you better experience.

No. Your account information and your Talent profile are not accessible to the public. Your profile can only be viewed by the opportunities you match with. You can turn on and off features and matches whenever you no longer need them and still stay engaged in the community. 

Please visit this page to learn about your options.

Simply put, skills are things that we can do. 

We learn them through life, school, and work. We gain many skills from our day-to-day that most people don’t even realize or recognize their value in the job market. 

Life skills are things you learn from your surroundings. Soft skills involve your social and people skills. Hard skills are the things you actively had to seek out to learn. 

Many people confuse attributes and personality with their skills. Attributes and personality are who you are. Skills are the things you can do. 

When building your Talent profile to match with jobs successfully, list the skills that make you unique or make the job you seek unique. Only list those skills you want to use in your next job, otherwise, you may not get the right match. 

As best practice, think ‘quality’ of skills over quantity. 

If you need advice on how to build your Talent profile and how to optimize it to get the best matches, schedule a coaching session with one of our Career Coaches by accessing the Coach Center in our mobile app.

The benefits of using pepelwerk as your hiring technology partner include controlled cost, the ability to proactively build your candidate pool, a more human pre-hire experience, simplified technology stack, and measurable social impact.

Category: Educator

The benefits of using the Educator Hub include: 

  • Increase your student enrollment by matching with interested Learners 
  • Cost-effective and results-oriented solution 
  • Career Services for your students 
  • Gives you information that keeps your course planning relevant 
  • Gives you outcome-based reporting to demonstrate the value of your courses
  • Gives you direct feedback on the teachers of the course to improve delivery 
  • At the end of the course, Learners can test or demonstrate their understanding of the course content 
  • API integration to your learning management system
  • Access innovation in technology, behavioral sciences, advanced predictive data analytics in an adaptive cloud-based platform  
  • Access best-in-class career service and experiences for your students, employees or members   
  • Measure population outcomes and success rate through impact reporting
  • Maintain personal privacy of community in closed marketplace 
  • Make it easier for your population to prepare and get in-demand jobs and stay prepared for the future of work

A company hiring or employer is an organization or individual registered with a Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN or EIN). Companies Hiring that come to pepelwerk are interested in hiring Talent directly, to do work that moves their business, ideas, and profits forward and are ready to cut out the inefficient time wasters of talent acquisition.

Companies Hiring on our platform want potential candidates to know they prioritize cultural fit and proven skills-based assessments against the words on a resume. By utilizing our Work Hub, companies are able to keep Talent longer, no matter how business fluctuates.

Category: Career Coach

It is important for us to provide more than just ‘soft’ coaching to encourage and motivate. We ask that our Career Coaches have a minimum of 5 years of work experience, completed a coaching program from a reputable school, or have other natural attributes and experiences that make you qualified to give advice to others on how to navigate the working world. We accept a variety of coaching practices.

Your coaching session will be 30 minutes in length. Your coach will start the session by reviewing your profile with you. Together, you and your coach will ensure that your profile is accurate and will help you accomplish your work-life goals.  

The balance of your session will focus on the coaching topics that you bring to the call. You can discuss anything from building confidence for interviews to exploring new career options.

Category: General
  • Hire Now through our Work Hub for Companies looking to hire someone as soon as possible.  
  • Workforce Building Solutions through our Work Hub for Companies looking to proactively build their talent pipeline and upskill their existing or future workforce. 
  • People Web Portal also available as the pepelwerk Mobile App for job seekers, individuals looking to get their goal job or looking for the best career-planning tools and resources, including on-demand career coaching and mentorship. 
  • Connector Hub for organizations such as School Districts, High School, Post High School Educators, Private and Public Learning Institutions interested in outsourcing or expanding their career services and job opportunities for their students, graduates, and alumni. As well as for employers looking to offer outplacement services.  
  • Educator Hub for Educators offering courses and interested in connecting with new learners.  

Your coach has set aside time for you and your goals. There is a grace period for every coaching session, so if you are running late, you can notify your coach, and they will wait for you to arrive for 10 minutes. The session time is not extended if you arrive late. To get the most out of the experience, we recommend you are prepared and on time for your coaching session. 

If you miss a session without cancelation or are more than 10 minutes late to your session, you will lose out on that coaching session. You are only allowed to reschedule a missed coaching session once.

Category: Educator

pepelwerk strives to ensure Educator users are legitimate and provide a valuable experience for Learners. Educators need to provide school identification (School License Number) for courses associated with accredited learning institutions. Educators with courses not affiliated with accredited schools will be asked to provide additional information on the instructor and their course curriculum to complete our verification process.

Career coaching is a partnership that encourages a someone to move towards their career goals through thoughtful questioning, action planning, and goal setting. 

Coaching is a forward-thinking and forward-moving process centered around creating the type of work-life you want. 

Our coaching starts with the foundation that everyone chooses the work they do for different reasons, priorities, dreams, and aspirations. Our coaching sessions will help you determine what work you want to do and why.  

Career Coaching is not psychological counseling or any type of mental health or medical service. Coaching is not a substitute for professional advice by legal, financial, or other qualified professionals. 

You should seek independent professional guidance for these types of matters. 

You may have different access to coaching services based on their membership type

Category: General

pepelwerk (pronounced people-work) is a suite of technology solutions that help connect communities to businesses and education to create an equitable working world.  

  • The goal for our attendees is to help them make informed decisions about what jobs are in-demand and get all of the resources to get the goal job.
  • The goal of these events is for our sponsors to increase awareness of the in-demand jobs and what their companies have to offer the people that choose to work for them.

We are a tech company and software solution that creates the opportunity for the working world to evolve. Our objective is simple: improve the quality of our working world by making matches to get work and do work with the least amount of complications, inflated costs, and interruptions as possible. When a company uses our Hiring Hub, they can source, skill, and separate from skilled Talent and develop employees in three easy steps. Learn more about how to get the most out of the pepelwerk Work Hub, schedule a call

The Real World of Work program is an exclusive program powered by pepelwerk that prepares young adults, ages 16-26, to transition into the working world by helping them discover and develop their skills and passion, getting them connected to the job market through paid internships, and providing an affordable way to connect their education to real-time jobs. 

The program lasts around 6-8 weeks (2.5 hours per week), depending on individual progress. 

You will match to verified, real jobs that are exclusive to pepelwerk. Show interest in jobs you want immediately and tag your goal jobs. We may also show you recommendations from jobs we found on the internet for you to consider.

We are not a data source tool for you to take contact information out of in bulk. We are not a social media platform. We are not a resume databank or a traditional job board.

We source, screen, qualify and develop humans who are part of our talent pool that want to get work based on their attitude, attributes, and abilities as soon as possible. We create a marketplace of accountability, action and opportunity for people to evolve with work.

You should expect to match with real people for the jobs you want to hire. We manage the experience from sourcing to hire and grow a talent pool of people that will match with jobs and companies based on attitude, attribute and work-life fit. Our experience makes it possible for you to match, hire, and develop people and encourages a sense of urgency and accountability for both you and candidates.

The work hub is not a data source for you to pull personal or business contact information from in bulk. You can get contact information from candidates after matching.

We are not a social media or social selling platform. You can engage with people when you have qualified reason to and mutual interests.

We are not a resume databank like a job board. We will share profiles that have been verified based on abilities, attitudes and attributes. Some users may provide a resume if they have 8 years or more and are looking for match with jobs that are similar to their work history. You cannot download any profile information until you have hired someone.

We are not a staffing agency. We want to offer direct hire opportunities to people .

These are virtual events and each event last 3 hours. Attendees come and go based their personalized agendas.

The event experiences are highly customized for every attendee. These events have a combination of open sessions, small group sessions and one-on-one conversations.

People attending will get info sessions about in-demand careers and industries they are interested in.

You will have the opportunity to meet Educators that are teaching the skills for the job and learn about their teaching style.

You will get the opportunity to get career coaching, hear from specialist in the industry and get valuable information about how to achieve earning, learning, connecting and working (aka) career goals.

The events are sponsored by different companies every week and vendors and attendees are chosen based on the area of interest.

A Job Manager is a user type in your Work Hub account. A Job Manager is someone from your team who posts jobs, reviews Talent matches, schedules interviews, presents employment offers, etc. A Job Manager can manage the hiring process for your company from beginning to end.

A Client Success Specialist is a pepelwerk expert who understands the psychological needs, skills, and requirements of the work that needs to be done to create the best job profile to get your ideal Talent match. Companies Hiring can request a Client Success Specialist to help manage your Work Hub account.

The Work Hub is for companies looking to hire now, build their workforce, upskill employees, optimize their workforce or offer career/outplacement services.   

When you create your Work Hub account, you will have access to:  

  • A hiring dashboard for your reporting needs
  • Be able to add/remove users including account admins and job managers 
  • Create and activate new jobs, internships or learn on the job opportunities to match with qualified talent (no searching, just matching – we do the heavy lifting for you!) 
  • Activate, close, delete, clone your job profiles.  
  • View, accept and reject Talent Profiles for your matches. Talent Profiles have an email address, overall match percentage based on their unique skills, attributes, attitude and abilities, a list of skills, and relevant work documents such as resume, work portfolio, education verification, and more.  
  • Manage the hiring process from match to interview to offer
  • Automated appointment settings for interviews  
  • Keep track of your billing and account documents 
  • Turn on Career Services Center to upskill and optimize your workforce or offer outplacement services.  

Our marketing team will create various campaigns to attract the right talent for your jobs. Our client success team will help you optimize your jobs to get a better ROI and overall results!

Category: Match Events

We have multiple events scheduled throughout the year. The majority of our events are virtual.

Work and internships are available anywhere our U.S. based hiring companies post their opportunities. This may include opportunities in countries outside of the United States. You will only see work opportunities where they have valid employment authorization or citizenship or in countries that you have an interest in working in and the company will sponsor. 

To make changes to your work authorization, in the mobile app go to Work Settings and select Authorized Countries.

Category: Events

People looking to start, reskill/relaunch their careers, companies, educators, connectors and community organizations attend.

We take personal data protection seriously. Only people within our community can have access to the personal information you share when you have a mutual interest. At no time, unless you give us permission, do we share your data outside of our space.

Category: Career Coach

A Career Coach is someone who has a passion for coaching others through the dilemma of work-life decisions. If you are interested in working for pepelwerk as a Career Coach, download our app, complete your profile, and add pwCoach as one of your skills.

A Connector is an organization such as a School District, High School, Post High School Educator, Private and Public Learning Institution, or Membership Based organization interested in outsourcing or expanding their career services and job opportunities for their students, graduates, alumni or members.

Category: Educator

Learners are those with the drive to prepare for the work of tomorrow by enrolling in courses offered within pepelwerk’s Education Center. Learners match with Educators who will take their set of skills to the next level. Learners become students of the courses they enroll in. 

The benefits of becoming a pepelwerk Learner include: 

  • Receive courses and learning opportunity recommendations based on your unique interests.
  • Match directly with Educators who are teaching the courses you need. 
  • Master your current skills or gain new skills. 
  • Stay relevant and prepare for the jobs of tomorrow. 
  • Match with work opportunities as you develop your skills, all in one place! 

If you are a Learner, go to your People Web Portal to create your account and download our pepelwerk talent app to get started. Once in the app, head to our Education Center to build your Learner’s profile.

Category: Educator

An Educator is an individual or institution that facilitates the acquisition of knowledge and skills through varied teaching methods.

Category: General

pepelwerk is a global multi-cultural technology company that wants to realize an equitable working world for the next generation. Everyone who works for pepelwerk was hired through the pepelwerk suite of technology solutions. Leading by example, we show how we can actually realize the social changes that we all want to see in our working world.

Someone who joins the people community, by creating an account on pepelwerk, is looking to use our technology and services to accomplish their work-life goals by getting direct access to jobs, education, professional mentors, coaches and more.  

People come to us who are looking for career discovery, relaunching careers or someone who has a specific set of skills and are looking to get a goal job or income, to get education to close a skills gap or broaden your connections.  

Category: Match Events

People attend this event to explore careers, match with learn-on-the job paid and unpaid work opportunities and prepare for their future. We have events for people who are 15-18 years of age and 18-26.

Connectors use pepelwerk:  

  • To offer the best career development technology to launch careers, upskill or reskill.  
  • To offer on-demand personalized career services including career coaching, job matching, internship matching, and learning opportunities to be ready for the future of work.  
  • To offer our career readiness and internship program: The Real World of Work 
  • Because you care about the people, students and employees in your organization.

We ask every company to provide their FEIN or EIN to verify they are a legitimate business. We require this information to protect our Talent users from false engagements and fake job opportunities.

Because we are in the business of putting people first. We commit to keeping you earning, relevant, and informed as you navigate the working world. 

  • Get direct employment opportunities 
  • Savings and real-time education options 
  • Access to group benefits and discounts  
  • As a member of our community, you have a unique opportunity to create a profile that can stay with you your entire working life. As your skills change and become more advanced, so does your earning potential.  

Companies Hiring use our Work Hub because we do more than hire the right person for the job when you need work done with a better employee experience in a more cost-effective way than legacy methods. We provide solutions that connect the working world to the communities we live in. Our technology advances how businesses think about a job, from posting to offer, in order to address social issues around equity in our job market. Improving the business and improving our communities. Go to our Work Hub to create an account or schedule a call with us to learn more.

Category: Match Events

To explore in-demand jobs so you can make a plan to reach your work-life goals. You can register to attend any event to explore and participate in any activity. However, if you are member of our Talent community, we will pre-plan your job matches, networking connections, learning opportunities to close skills gap and prepare you for landing that goal job with advice from career coaches and mentors.

Category: General

No annoying ads!

Anything you share in a coaching session is strictly confidential, except under very specific circumstances such as illegal activity, a valid court order or subpoena, or imminent risk of danger to yourself and/or others. If a coach reasonably believes one of these circumstances exists, they will inform the appropriate authorities.

Our Career Coaches can help you optimize your Talent profile to help you get the jobs you want today and identify goal jobs.  

To schedule a session, go to the Coach Center on our mobile app

To Download App, please click here.

Yes! Your coach will have access to your assessment that you completed and will be ready to discuss it with you. Together, you will use this information to help you better understand your behavior traits and how they may present themselves in a work setting.

That function has been disabled for this area