Growth partner program for individual influencers.

Improve our working world one life at a time by sharing our AI Career Assistant with your audience.

AI Career Guide helping people prepare for the future of work

What does an individual growth partner do?

Individual growth partners help educate their audience about pepelwerk as a tool by sharing information on their social media or content broadcast platforms. Growth partners want their audience to learn about how our personal AI Career Assistant app can help them achieve their working, earning, learning and connecting goals. In exchange for helping us change the world, a growth partner receives compensation.

How do you use your influence to improve our working world?

We want to work with social influencers that align with our brand and our mission. Read more to find out if we would make a good match:

Good match:

Not a good match:

How to become a growth partner:​

The process takes two weeks to complete. Only five new growth partners are selected per month.

Start building your own AI Career Assistant so you can understand the experience.

If you match, you will be given information to join an information session.

Complete your Talent Profile, add your skills in Social Media Marketing and add the links to your social or media channels that you will use to share information about pepelwerk.

AI Career Guide for organizations to help their people evolve with work
  1. Schedule a call with your solutions expert to customize your package and pepelwerk microsite.
  2. Launch your pepelwerk talent marketplace and share it with your members.
  3. Start increasing your funding and get real-time outcomes and impact analytics.

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