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Helping people evolve with work

Who we are.

Pepelwerk is a workforce building career management software platform designed to help us all evolve with work.

We bring together government, education and the job market to help people prepare for in-demand jobs.

Technology and how we use it is changing how people work and live at a faster pace then anytime in human history.

We want innovations in career exploration, human resources and learning technology to accessible to all.

Our Purpose.

According to the department of labor the skills gap is compounding, people are not able to perform skills needed for high paying jobs and the traditional process of educating citizens has caused most people to opt out of investing in education.

Our goal is to provide innovative technology, process automation and actionable data to our community of users so everyone can work together to future proof our workforce.

  1. Making innovations in technology, AI, career and education more accessible. 
  2. Creating experiences that provide successful outcomes for all users.
  3. Data privacy and data integrity.
  4. Bridging communication between people, educators, and employers.

Our ESG Commitments

We were doing the “S” in ESG before ESG was cool.
Our social commitments are:

Quality education
Decent work and economic growth
Reduced inequalities

Helping people plan for and get in-demand jobs.

  • 92% reported that the AI assessment tools help them clearly identify their attitude, attributes and abilities compared to a resume.

  • 78% of users are able to understand how to get their goal job and complete clear activities to get the job


  • 63% report higher confidence in investing in education because of career alignment.


  • 81% of people say that the experience felt “more human” than a resume-based application process

For People

For Companies

46K  people hired and developed

5K  cost per hire costs repurposed to develop people to increase hiring effectiveness

companies developing and hiring their future workforce.

companies reported that we have helped them reach their social impact goals through our reporting.

  • 82% of educators improving.


  • 63% better major to career alignment for colleges.


  • 35% better skills-based career alignment for non-traditional educators.


  • 4M in funding to K-12 and other Educators from government grants, foundations.

For Educators


Launched pepelwerk


Innovation Partners/Customers 



Launched pepelwerk 1.0 $10M in Revenue


Launched pepelwerk 2.0 $25M in Revenue

Our History.

Minority Female Owned Technology Company

Recognitions, Awards, Certificates and Credentials.

United Way
Better workplaces better world
Statewide Historically Underutilized Business Program

Executive Team

Kim Kelley, CEO and Co-Founder of pepelwerk

Kim Kelley, CEO/Co-Founder

Malahar Pinnelli, CTO/Co-Founder
Malar Pinnelli | LinkedIn

Sherman Wyman, CFO/Co-Founder
Sherman Wyman | LinkedIn

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