Want to help people get informed about in-demand jobs and expose them to careers they didn't know existed?

Have your community, members or students you serve attend a Career Exploration Event.

Meet with solutions specialist to learn how to offer these events to your your community, members or school.


For Administration the Event Experience Comes with:

  • Volume discounts on attendee tickets
  • Home base booth
  • Branded Name Badges for Students
  • Logo Added to List of Attendees
  • Optional outcomes reporting and predictive analytics.
  • 1- social media post per event

For Students/Attendees comes with:

  • Access to event
  • People Work-Life Goal App
  • Connections Break-out Rooms
  • Job/Industry Exploration Sessions
  • Other optional experiences that the participant can select
    or that you can add to your account.

To get started: 

1. You must create an account to give your students or members access to the events. 

2. Choose how many people you want offer the experience to

3. Automatically add their contact email to your portal, and we will do the rest. 

4. Get your outcomes and feedback reports.

Why do connectors offer career exploration events to their members or students?

Outcomes reporting and reach to more employers/industry.

Give people exposure to realistic in-demand careers so they can reach their work-life goals.

Improve equitable access to connections and advance technology so people can achieve their work-life goals.

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