Manage Student Outcomes

Career Services

A way to help educators connect students to their goal careers.

K- 12 Public, Private, Charter Schools

Career, College or Military Readiness

K-!2 Career and Technical Education

We make it possible for K-12 educators to align industry to education. Helping students identify their natural attributes, abilities, attitudes and interests to help them explore careers and connect your school to industry partners.

K-!2 Career and Technical Education
Certificate License Industry Based Certifications and Training
Non Traditional Educators

Skills Based Job Matching

Certificate License Industry Based Certifications and Training

Align your bootcamp, industry based certifications, master classes or licensing programs to in-demand jobs and improve student job placement and help close the skills gap. 


Learner Retention and Student Outcomes

Support easier alignment with student work-life goals, and in-demand jobs to college career-based curriculm and degree programs 

On University Campus
Career Management for Career Tracks
On University Campus

Make it possible for your students to get jobs aligned to their Attitude, Attributes and Abilities when they enroll to improve learner retention and career/major alignment. 

Helping Educators Build The Future Workforce


Number of Students / year
  • Connector Hub
  • Job Marketplace
  • Access Code Management
  • People App Basic for Students
  • Delivery and Outcomes Reporting
  • Admissions to Career Alignment
  • Atttude, Attribute, Ability Profile Builder for Students


Number of Students / year
  • Work Readiness Content for Students
  • Educator Hub and Course Matching
  • People App Premium for Students
  • Impact and Equity Outcomes Reporting
  • Predictive Analytics
  • 4 API's
  • Curriculm to Job Skills Taxonomy Data
  • On-Demand Career Coach, Mentor and Advisor
  • VR Career Exploration
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