Career Service Software
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A tool for high schools, colleges, certificate, licenses and trade schools
to help their students prepare for the future of work.
Innovative Career Services

AI Job Matching At Your Students Fingertips

We make it possible for you to offer predictive, proactive and realistic career advice with the most psychometric assessment tools for your students to help them accomplish their work-life goals.

AI Job Matching At Your Students Fingertips
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More than traditional career services

Offering Career Service Technology is Easy

Connector Hub Features and Benefits

Offering Career Service Technology is Easy
Ready to track student success?

How We Innovate the Career Services Process.

If you are looking for outdate career assessment tools, you are in the wrong place.
Expand Reach

Expand Reach

The average educational institute has a student to career counselor ratio of 500 to 1. We want every student to get the support they need on demand when they need it.

Outcomes Reporting

Expert Job Match Predictions

There have been advances in pychobehavioral tools and predictive jobs data in the last 20 years and we want every educator to make these tools accessible to students and teachers to help close the skills gap and increase job security.

Student Data Privacy

Student Data Privacy

Job boards, social media platforms and resumes are the number 1 place for personal information to misused. We want students to have the opportunity to keep information private and own their work data.

Outcomes Reporting

Outcomes Reporting

We know that the education industry is competitive, and more people are seeking outcomes information before they enroll in public or private schools. Get the information you need to demonstrate the success rate of your programs and curriculum.

Getting Started with the Most Sophisticated Career Service Software at Your Campus is Simple.

It takes around 30-90 days to launch.


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Cost of Career Service Software
$ 25 Per Student Per Month
  • Estimate how many students you will want to reach
  • Choose your features
  • Choose your length of service