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Career Exploration: Transportation

February 5, 2025 @ 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm CST

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Learn about future in-demand jobs in the Transportation industry.

Are you a young adult just starting your work life, someone who is transitioning from military service to civilian jobs or an adult relaunching your career? If so, then a career exploration event is a great place for you to learn about future jobs that are in-demand that you didn’t know you didn’t know about.

The jobs in this industry are changing rapidly and so is the way that the companies in this industry deliver services, hire people and manage the company.  Attend this event to figure out if a job in this industry will help you accomplish your work-life goals.

You should attend this event if:

  • you are not sure what your goal job is
  • you are not sure what education or training you will need to get the goal job
  • you want to understand what a day-in-the life of that job is
  • you want to learn the skills needed to be successful in the job
  • you want to learn if the job will be in demand in the future

What to expect at the event:

  • you will learn from companies hiring in that industry about skills-based jobs that are in demand
  • you will learn about the pros and cons of working in the industry
  • you will learn what specific companies, their culture and the attributes that are important to hire people for these jobs
  • you will get access to the pepelwerk app to do what it takes to get the jobs that you learn about
  • you will have opportunities to network and meet other people attending the event

For organizations who want to sponsor and participate in the event, visit us

This is not a job fair. We are revolutionizing how people connect with jobs, explore careers, and stay connected to jobs and employers that meet their income and interest goals.  

Want to get hired? 

If you decide that one of the jobs that you have learned about during the event is your goal job, create an account and complete your people profile on the pepelwerk mobile app.  

We will then match you to open opportunities. You will also be able to save your goal job(s), create a plan and track your milestones, get interview invitations and Match Event invitations to be considered as an immediate hire or future hire for a variety of companies. 

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