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Workforce Building

May 15 @ 1:30 pm - 2:00 pm CST

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Event Description:

Learn how pepelwerk is connecting all stakeholders to proactively build the future workforce. 

What is covered:

A demonstration of pepelwerk Work Hub and our new enhancements to help organizations evolve with work, education and professional development/career services.

Who should attend:

Human Resources Professionals, Recruiters, Teachers, Curriculum Managers, Diversity Equity and Inclusion Professionals, Change Management Consultants, CEO’s, CFO’s

Why should you attend:

To learn about what problems pepelwerk solves for organizations.
To learn how pepelwerk helps organizations improve profit, process and people experiences by connecting hiring and learning.

What to expect during the webinar:

3 mins: Introduction from pepelwerk CEO
20 mins: Demonstrating various modules of pepelwerk and explain how you can benefit from them with open Q&A
7 mins: Conclusion, Resource Links and Next Steps



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