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Real World of Work

Direct matching. No search options, filters, paid advertising results, resume dumps or wordy  job descriptions. Our job is to match.  A talent has a private profile that they can manage all of their skills and match with available jobs. Employers only see candidates who match with their jobs and Talent only see legitimate jobs.

The benefit of posting jobs on pepelwerk is to match, not search, with real candidates that take ownership of their work life and take the opportunity to validate who they are and what skills they have to do the job you need done. We take good measures to improve the experience for both the employer and the talent when it comes to getting work and getting work done. We also take measures to prevent outsourcing companies, service providers and consulting firms from creating Talent profiles to give our Talent a greater chance of making a direct connections to employers looking to build a team. We are in the business of matching a person to a job.

We are not a staffing/temp hire company but we support employee management. We are not contract recruiters but we find people work. We are not headhunters for your executives or management.  We are not a job board and do not sell marketing and pay per click service to get people work. We are not a private employer organization but we do provide tools to help you control risk and hire as your business grows.

We are a tech company and software tool the creates the opportunity for the working world to evolve. Our objective is simple- improve the quality of our working world by making matches to get work and get work done with the least amount of complication, inflated costs and interruptions as possible. We want our Talent to get the most out of  their work-life and our Employers to keep ideas, business and profits moving. Educators, to connect with interested learners to close the skill gap. Our service partners and certified agencies to grow in their business and live out their service mission.

No annoying ads! At this time, pēpəlwərk is solely focused on matching people to work.

If you are looking for a new working opportunity, search for and download the pēpəlwərk app. If you are an employer looking for top Talent, click here.

Talent is someone who wants to work. Yes, it really is that simple. Everyone has a skill, ability or passion that contributes to getting work done around the world. Creating your profile allows you to tell the world what they are and to give us the opportunity to connect you with work.

pēpəlwərk Talent are newbies to the working world, creatives, experienced professionals, skilled labor, specialist, retirees looking for supplemental income, cashiers, drivers, full-time, part-time, contractors, interns, etc. Like we mentioned, Talent is someone who wants to work.
If you want to find a job for what you can do today and discover the work you want to do in the future, pepelwerk is your tool

Because we are in the business of putting people (aka Talent) first. We commit to keeping you earning, relevant, and informed as you navigate the working world.  As a Talent member, you have a unique opportunity to create a profile that can stay with you your entire working life. As your skills change and become more advanced, so does your earning potential. The pēpəlwərk tool is designed to keep the process simple and engaging at varying levels of membership. As we grow, Talent users will have exclusive access to benefits, perks and social events.

The sooner you sign-up, the better. Not just because we want you to join the pw movement, but because timing matters for special perks, feature notifications and benefits.

Signing up for a pēpəlwərk account is easy! Download the pēpəlwərk app from your Play Store or App Store. After opening the app for the first time, you will be guided through a few quick steps to "Create an Account."

Absolutely! pēpəlwərk is a tool that can be beneficial for a broad range of experience levels, even for someone without any experience. We care about what you can do. Employers who post jobs with pēpəlwərk will be focused on skills and abilities gained from both professional experiences as well as life experiences.  Learn more about skills.

Simply put, skills are things that we can do. We learn them through life, school and work. Check out wikipedia for a thorough definition of skill. Life skills are things you learn from your surroundings. We gain many skills from our day-to-day that most people don't even recognize as valuable in the job market. Soft skills involve your social and people skills. Hard skills are the things you actively had to seek out to learn. Many people confuse attributes and personality with their skills. Attributes and personality are who you are. Skills are the things you can do. Most people have 100's of skills. Most jobs require just as many. When you are looking to build your profile to match successfully, list the skills that make you unique or make the job unique, or list exactly what you are looking for. If you want more advice, connect with a pēpəlwərk career coach. 

Yes. We connect you with opportunities that fit within your busy schedule. We want our Talent members to maximize their earning potential. One of the ways we help with that is by connecting you with work that is available when you are.

You don't necessarily need one since pēpəlwərk matches you directly with opportunities, but you will have the option to attach a document file to your Talent Profile. Since Talent accesses pēpəlwərk via mobile app, be sure that your device has the necessary programs to upload documents.

Work is available anywhere our US based pwEmployers post their job opportunities. Talent will only see opportunities that they have valid employment authorization for or citizenship.

We are here for you. At any point within the process, we are available to answer any questions you may have. Depending on your membership level, you will also have dedicated Coaching sessions which will further help in landing the perfect job, but more importantly, get you on a path that helps you lead your ideal work life. Contact us for assistance.

No. Scrolling through endless job listings, which usually end up being a waste of your time, is not our thing. We want to connect you with the employers you will have the most success with. pēpəlwərk will do the search, the application and hustle for you!

pēpəlwərk takes personal data protection seriously. Only Employers you match with have view of your Talent Profile, in addition to the pw operations team. At no time, unless you give us permission, do we share your data outside of the pēpəlwərk space. This is why advertising is not part of our business model. We want all of our users to determine their own experience on the platform.

No. Your account information and your profile is not accessible to the public. Your Talent profile can only be viewed by the hiring manager of the positions you have matched with.

We do not check references for the creation of your profile. But, please don't try to fake it until you make it. The truth will eventually come to light during the process. Deceit will only end up hurting your personal brand and work reputation. Once you are matched with an opportunity, the potential employer will likely require you to participate in any company specific screening procedures.

Yes and no. Creating a Talent Profile is free. Once you start getting invitations to interview with Employers, you will want to take a look at the different membership levels which include additional, invaluable features. At this time, we have a Free User level or a Basic Membership option for $12/month + tax.

As a Free User, you have the opportunity to set up your profile, which potential Employers will be able to view. pēpəlwərk will notify you when an Employer wants to consider you for an interview. With a Basic Membership, you have the ability to initiate consideration for an interview with an Employer. In addition, Basic members have a pwCoach to help sort through tough career choices. Use the membership for as little or as long as you would like. We're flexible!

First, let's start with what it's not. It is not the fad phrase work-life balance, it's not psychological counseling or any type of mental health or medical services. Coaching is not a substitute for professional advice by legal, financial, or other qualified professionals. You should seek independent professional guidance for these types of matters.

Coaching is a partnership that encourages a person to move forward towards their goals through thoughtful questions, action planning and goal setting. Coaching is a forward thinking and forward moving process centered around you creating the type of work life you want. Our coaching starts with the foundation that everyone chooses the work they do for different reasons, different priorities, different dreams and aspirations. Our coaching helps you figure that out.

Again, coaching services are not to be construed as, or a replacement for, psychological counseling. Based on membership level, Talent users have varying access to Coach services.

Yes. As long as each account is created with a unique email address.

An employer is an individual or organization, that is registered with a Federal Employment Identification Number. pwEmployers are interested in hiring Talent directly, to do work that moves their business, ideas and profits forward. Franchise owners, private equity firms and multi-organization structures are also Employers on the platform. Our biggest benefit is one platform for every account and the ability to keep Talent longer, no matter how business fluctuates.

pwEmployers are businesses that want to let potential candidates know that they prioritize cultural fit and proven, skill-based assessment, against the words on a résumé. pwEmployers are ready to cut out the inefficient time wasters of talent acquisition.

The answer to that can get pretty long, but we will start with our favorite. Employers become users of our platform because we provide solutions that address problems for Operations, Finance and HR under one tool.  Our Talent Acquisition features are designed to connect Employers with a direct pool of the most versatile Talent, at prices that make sense, and can handle multiple accounting and business entities.  Most importantly, we remove the data dump and mismanagement of applicants that the current systems in the marketplace leave you with. We believe that any cost to the business that doesn't improve your products or services isn't good. That includes paying too much and for too many widgets, plugins and systems just to hire people.

We are committed to improving your time to fill, cost to fill, churn rate and more by providing a dashboard that shows how well we are performing and how well you are doing.

We are not a marketing platform. We do not scrape your public posts and we wont show your competitors your openings.  Charges are flat rates and decreases the more volume of jobs you offer. Most importantly you can post your job but until we provide you a match you don't get charged for the post. Then you get to have matches that are better fits for your job and all you had to do was pay for one post. We are all about the quality and have zero incentive to create unnecessary volume for you. Learn more.

A company's hiring strategy varies based on size, industry and roles. If you have a particular question, please contact us and we can help. In general, once you are a pw Employer we give you all the tools you need to add us into your strategy. We can pretty much match with 90% of the jobs you need filled. We'll leave the 10% of senior leadership and executives to LinkedIn. They do a good job with that.

We ask that every employer have an EIN to improve the validity of their job post, who they are and what business they are in. We do this to protect our Talent users from false engagements and to eliminate fake posts. We have Talent that want to work and are prepared to do great work for our Employers. The best way to effectively connect them to work is to eliminate distractions.

We are all about the results. You will have access to an automated pēpəlwərk Dashboard. No need for special reports are Frankenstein excel sheets. Your dashboard is part of setting up your account. It is a reference hub for all Key Performance Indicators associated to your job postings.

The process is easy.  First, you need to determine who your Admin User is. This person is going to give permissions for your company, authorize charges and manage all Job Managers who will be posting jobs for the company. Once you have that person selected, click to create an account.

An Admin user is the key controller of other company users on the platform, the one that gives payment authorizations and the person we speak with when there is information to share associated to the Employer account.

A job manager is the person that manages a similar group of Talent. They can be the operations manager, front line manager, internal recruiter or the CEO/Business Owner. This person uses services and has account permissions that the Admin gives them.


Yes, after an Employer completes their registration and company profile, you can reach out to us to have a recruiter assigned to be your job manager or another admin on your account. Our recruiters are trained to maximize the pepelwerk platform, get the best Talent and are experienced in hiring. Our recruiters understand how to review for technical as well as psychological observations to help you get the best matches for your jobs.

Yes, when you are ready to do that contact us and we can help onboard the businesses that need to hire outside of the US.

Yes, when you create your job profile you will provide the location details. Remember, only include the address if the person needs to physically be in the work space.

Yes, please contact us and can help get you started.

We can get you connected with a service provider for your immigration needs.

Job managers are assigned by employer account. So, yes, 1 job manager can be assigned many accounts.

A coach is someone who has passion for coaching someone through the dilemma of work-life decisions.

Its important to us to provide more than just soft coaching that encourages and motivates. So, we ask that our career coaches have a minimum of 5 years working experience, successfully completed a coaching program from a reputable school or have other natural attributes and experiences that make you qualified to give advice to others on how to navigate the working world. We accept a variety of coaching practices.

pwCoaches create their own schedule. pēpəlwərk does not control when or where a coach takes sessions, but we do have safety guidelines and conditions to keep both you and our Talent users out of harm's way. Our Talent users want to schedule coaching on their time; so, our coaches are not asked to keep a set schedule. The more flexible your availability, the more opportunity for you to receive more coaching sessions.

Yes. We recommend that you set your availability to your average week. You will receive every coaching appointment directly, and will have the ability to accept or decline.

Yes. pēpəlwərk has designed a unique career coaching educational program. The career coaching program will train you on I.C.F. core competencies and the unique nuances of career coaching. At this time, the program is complementary.

The platform is designed to eliminate the traditional chase and intermediary actions that a recruiter typically does. If you are currently a recruiter, a new role for you could be to become an administrator for an Employer profile. You can also create a Talent profile and use your skills for other jobs that might be of interest to you. If you are really social and love the energy of working with people, you could actually match with jobs at pēpəlwərk. Create your profile to find out.

Yes, after an Employer completes their registration and company profile, you can reach out to us to have a recruiter assigned to be your job manager or another admin on your account. Our recruiters are trained to maximize the pepelwerk platform, get the best Talent and are experienced in hiring. Our recruiters understand how to review for technical as well as psychological observations to help you get the best matches for your jobs.

An Educator is an individual or institution that facilitates the acquisition of knowledge and skills through varied teaching methods.

Gain access to unlimited matches of Learners that show interest in enrolling in your courses. Manage your enrollments through a dedicated account portal, at no extra cost.

Pēpəlwərk strives to ensure Educator users are legitimate and provide a valuable experience for Learners.  School identification for courses associated with accredited institutes will go through a verification process. Educators with courses that are not affiliated with accredited schools will be requested to provide additional information about the instructor and their course curriculum.

Offered courses to the pēpəlwərk community of Learners are geared to help acquire skills that will prepare today's workforce for the work of tomorrow. Course postings that do not support this cause will be reviewed for further consideration or will not be acceptable course offerings.

Learners interested in finding courses to expand their skill set are pēpəlwərk Talent users. They have access through their pēpəlwərk app to view Educator matches that are associated with their interests or desired occupations. A match, or mutual notification, occurs when a Learner shows interest in enrolling in your course that coincides with their Learner Profile. The instructor assigned to the course will receive notice and contact information of the Learner. Pēpəlwərk provides a dedicated Educator portal that tracks the progress of enrolled learners through completion of the course.

When a Learner shows interest in enrolling in a course, the Educator account is charged per match. It is the responsibility of the course instructor to contact an follow through with their process of enrolling students, outside of the pēpəlwərk system.

It's an exclusive pepelwerk program designed to help people between the ages of 16 - 24 transition into the working world making informed decisions about work, education and the impact of those decisions to their life goals.  The total program lasts 4 mths and has four phases. Learn more here. 

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