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Candidate development platform for companies to build their workforce.

Source, qualify, develop, and match with the right fit for the job, team and company.

Rethinking Talent Acquisition In The 21st century

Start building your workforce in four easy steps


Build your company profile


Choose the experiences that best define your hiring goals


Add job managers


Match with talent and build your future workforce

Plan your hiring needs months or years in advance.

Candidate matching and development for building your talent pipeline.

The most comprehensive and innovative software and services platform for Talent Acquisition and Development.

- Centralize sourcing
- Reduce bias in candidate selection
- Develop candidates and employees to meet skills requirements
- watch your workforce being built in real-time
- reduce reactive recruiting efforts

Talent Assessments and Development.
  • Define the attitudes and attributes that will fit the needs of your team and company culture
  • Define and set clear expectations of when, where, and how work gets done.
  • Add VR Day-In-The life Videos
  • Choose badges 
  • Transpose or link to a job description

Learn more about our AI assessments

Choose the education your candidates and employees need to be skilled for the job.

Close the skills gap.

Keep people skilled for the tasks you need them to do. People will get automatic education and learning opportunities to get the knowledge they need to do the job.

Learning and Development happening in real-time.

Hire and Develop Your Talent Pipeline

  • Swipe to hire, develop or pass on internal or external candidates
  • Complete all steps of interview and offer 
  • Integrate to your onboarding, payroll or HRMS after hire
  • Add in-person or virtual match events

10% of all revenue goes to U.S. Schools to help them and their students get access to innovative career readiness technology and services.


Pay as you go
Annual Cost

starting at

$150pay as you go

Charge vary per job type

starting at

$6,000per year

Fees are based on modules, features, services and number of jobs.

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Post A Job Give an Education

At pepelwerk we want the job market and education industry to work together so that people can stay ready for in-demand careers. That is why we give 10% of all job posting revenue to our members to use to pay for knowledge building activities to get the skills they need for jobs they want.

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