Complete a Private Talent Profile on Your People App that shows your Work Attitude Attributes and Abilities 

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The Power of a Private Personalized Talent Profile 

Creating a personalized profile on the pepelwerk app comes with a range of benefits that traditional job and career services and searching methods might not offer: 

  1. Tailored Opportunities: The app’s matching algorithm connects your profile with opportunities that align with your work attitude, natural attributes, abilities, skills, interests, and career aspirations. This ensures that the opportunities you encounter are highly relevant to your unique profile. 
  1. Diverse Pathways: The pepelwerk app isn’t limited to traditional job listings so there is no need to limit your profile like you would using a resume. List the skills you enjoy doing and are good at and to see a variety of jobs, events and mentors that will help you reach your goals. 
  1. Real-Time Relevance: The job market is in a constant state of change. Your personalized talent profile keeps up with these changes, presenting you with opportunities that are currently in demand. 
  1. Efficient Networking: The app connects you with employers and companies seeking talents like yours. This creates a more efficient networking environment that can lead to meaningful connections and collaborations. 

Creating Your Personalized Talent Profile

Here’s how you can get started with your personalized talent profile on the Pepelwerk app: 

  1. Download and Install: Begin by downloading the Pepelwerk app from your app store. It’s available on both iOS and Android platforms. 
  1. Profile Creation: Launch the app and create your talent profile. This involves entering your skills, experiences, education, career goals, and other relevant information. 
  1. Skill Assessment: The app might guide you through a skill assessment process. This helps the algorithm understand your strengths and areas for development. 
  1. Interest Alignment: Indicate your preferences, such as industries you’re interested in, work environment preferences, and types of opportunities you’re seeking (jobs, internships, or learn-on-the-job experiences). 
  1. Job Matching: Once your profile is complete, the app’s algorithm starts matching you with relevant opportunities. You can browse through these opportunities and explore them further. 
  1. Application and Interaction: When you find an opportunity that resonates, you can apply through the app. The app also facilitates communication between you and potential employers. 

 How to use our AI Assessment Feature to help you create the best Talent Profile

Think you know yourself? Let’s put you to the test! What’s the difference between your attributes and your skills? Your attributes talk about qualities and character that make up who you are.

A skill is basically something that you can do. You use your hands, body, or your brain to accomplish a task. Pepelwerk offers you access to assessments approved by the American Psychological Association, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the Canadian Psychological Association, and the British Psychological Society. Why do attributes assessments matter?

Currently, 80% of Fortune 500 companies use them to assess candidates’ personality traits during hiring. They are able to reveal essential qualities of candidates that directly impact the culture fit, the suitability for specific positions, and team performance.

They can also be used as a tool for self-reflection. When you know more about yourself, it’s possible to create a better career plan, communicate more effectively, find motivation and strategies for dealing with stress, improve relationships, identify your ideal work environment and where there is room for growth.

Ready to take your Attributes Assessment?

  1. Add it to your account by logging into your web portal.
  2. Add My Attributes by Survey OR By Photo to your cart and checkout.
  3. Then go to your mobile app to take your assessment.

Staying Relevant and Growing with the App 

As industries evolve and new skills emerge, your personalized talent profile keeps you ahead of the curve: 

  1. Regular Updates: Keep your profile updated with new skills, experiences, and preferences. This ensures that you continue to receive opportunities that align with your growth. 
  1. Learning Opportunities: The app might recommend learn-on-the-job opportunities that allow you to acquire new skills while working. 
  1. Industry Insights: Stay informed about trends and demands in your chosen industries. The app might provide insights that guide your skill development. 


In a world where personalization and adaptability are key, the Pepelwerk app empowers you to evolve with the changing landscape of work. By creating and maintaining a personalized talent profile, you open doors to job opportunities, internships, and learn-on-the-job experiences that are aligned with your unique skills and goals. Embrace this innovative approach to job searching and career growth to embark on a journey that is tailored to your potential and aspirations. 

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