Making it easier for member organizations to increase funding and deliver value for their members.

Connect your members to jobs, learning and connections by launching pepelwerk AI Career Assistant and Work Hub for your organization.

Skill-focused career management platform for your community.

pepelwerk offers an AI Career Assistant to help your members achieve their career goals, providing personalized AI career assessments and skill-based job matching. Our platform supports career development with course matching and professional coaching, tailored to each individual’s unique skills and aspirations. It’s an essential tool for organizations aiming to empower their community with a future-ready workforce.

Create a pepelwerk talent marketplace for your member organization to increase funding and deliver value for your members.

Your own AI talent marketplace connecting business and members.

For your Individual Members:

For your Corporate Partners:

For your Organizations:

For 5 years we have been helping member organizations tap into additional funding sources and help simplify achieving their mission.

This is how:

Schedule your call with solution experts.

Sign Service Agreement and decide on launch date.

Launch your pēpelwerk marketplace microsite.

Start increasing funding and get real-time outcomes and impact analytics.

  1. Schedule a call with your solutions expert to customize your package and pepelwerk microsite.
  2. Launch your pepelwerk talent marketplace and share it with your members.
  3. Start increasing your funding and get real-time outcomes and impact analytics.

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