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Match with new students ready to enroll in your master classes, course, certificate, license or degree-based programs.

Increase enrollment and new student registrations.

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Building 21st Century Learning Systems

Start offering courses in four easy steps


Create your Educator Hub account


Build your course profile


Activate your courses


Match with qualified learners

Feature Skills You Teach Directly Related to an In-Demand Job

  • get matched with new learners
  • get them registered easily through process automation
  • get outcomes reporting
  • get skills based curriculum predictive analytics
  • showcase course profile with skills and proficiency
  • add teacher profiles to course profiles

Showcase the Teachers and Instructions

Let your potential student know all about the expertise and teaching style of your teachers to help increase enrollment.

Connect Education to Industry In Real-Time

Help companies, communities and individuals get the skills they need to get in-demand skills based jobs. 


Pay Per Match
Annual Contract

$50per match

10%of enrollment fees

Have questions about us, the app or services? Check out FAQ for Educators, Knowledge Base or Chat with Us

Category: Educator

An Educator is an individual or institution that facilitates the acquisition of knowledge and skills through varied teaching methods.

Category: Educator

Click here to access the Educator Hub and create your account. Once your account is created and validated, you will be able to post courses and start matching with interested Learners.

Category: Educator

The benefits of using the Educator Hub include: 

  • Increase your student enrollment by matching with interested Learners 
  • Cost-effective and results-oriented solution 
  • Career Services for your students 
  • Gives you information that keeps your course planning relevant 
  • Gives you outcome-based reporting to demonstrate the value of your courses
  • Gives you direct feedback on the teachers of the course to improve delivery 
  • At the end of the course, Learners can test or demonstrate their understanding of the course content 
  • API integration to your learning management system
Category: Educator

pepelwerk strives to ensure Educator users are legitimate and provide a valuable experience for Learners. Educators need to provide school identification (School License Number) for courses associated with accredited learning institutions. Educators with courses not affiliated with accredited schools will be asked to provide additional information on the instructor and their course curriculum to complete our verification process.

Category: Educator

Learners are those with the drive to prepare for the work of tomorrow by enrolling in courses offered within pepelwerk’s Education Center. Learners match with Educators who will take their set of skills to the next level. Learners become students of the courses they enroll in. 

The benefits of becoming a pepelwerk Learner include: 

  • Receive courses and learning opportunity recommendations based on your unique interests.
  • Match directly with Educators who are teaching the courses you need. 
  • Master your current skills or gain new skills. 
  • Stay relevant and prepare for the jobs of tomorrow. 
  • Match with work opportunities as you develop your skills, all in one place! 

If you are a Learner, go to your People Web Portal to create your account and download our pepelwerk talent app to get started. Once in the app, head to our Education Center to build your Learner’s profile.

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