Helping companies find the right candidates easier, quicker and without breaking the budget.

The key to talent acquisition is being proactive. With pepelwerk, you can predictively build your workforce by hiring for the skills you not only need today, but also the skills you will need tomorrow.

Evolving recruiting, training, skilling and career support to build a workforce in the 21st Century.

An AI talent acquisition and talent management solution
for business leaders.

Putting it all together so companies can focus more on people and less on technology and administration.

What you get with using pepelwerk:

What you're used to:

Job Center for hiring and developing candidates.

Why would my company change our current recruiting and development practices?

Innovative advanced technology couldn't be easier.

Eliminate overly complicated technology systems and the host cost of maintaining and administering them.

Closing the skills gap for candidates is just as important as closing the skills gap for your employees to build your future workforce.

We make it possible for companies and their candidates to upskill, reskill and increase subject matter knowledge from 350,000 master classes, courses, credentialing and education partners.

Make it easier to prepare and inform candidates about the skills you are looking for.

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