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Would You Rather - Submit 600 Resumes
or Create One Job Profile?  

Are you tired of endlessly searching for your goal job? You are not alone! According to a Fall 2023 Job Seeker Survey, “Over 70% of job seekers felt they needed to exert more than an average amount of effort to find a job in this economy, and 67.7% felt their current job search was more difficult than their last one.”

In a recent CNBC article, one of the largest hiring and recruiting firm’s advice to current job seekers was to “…stay the course. If sending in 400 applications hasn’t landed you an interview, submit 600…” 

At pepelwerk, we believe If you want success, you shouldn’t have to chase it. We believe you have the power to engineer it for yourself. People that join our community and build their own AI Career Guide can match with a variety of jobs using one profile. If you enjoy submitting 600 resumes, by all means, stay the course. If you are ready to make a change and find a job that matches your skills and interests, then it’s time for a change in how you approach your career management.   

Understand What HR
Teams Are Thinking

January and February are the two most popular months to apply for jobs. So, as we head into the Q2 months of March, April and May what are human resource teams focused on and how do you break through the noise? 

Companies are onboarding their Q1 new hires, evaluating existing team members and making adjustments and transitions. At the same time, economists have been predicting doom and gloom for the past 24 months which means any notions of “let’s hire in Q2” could easily stall until Q3 or Q4 as most companies remain cautious about hiring.

It’s not all bad news! pepelwerk works with companies who are planning ahead and are ready to match and develop candidates. Our community understands the importance of building their future workforce today. That’s why 81% of people say that matching to job through pepelwerk feels “more human” than a resume-based application process.  

Now is the time to explore in-demand jobs, learn which attributes and abilities companies are looking for and how you measure up. Q2 is the perfect time to plan for your best-fit job, work with a career coach or mentor to get a personalized learning plan and set yourself up for future success.

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