Wondering How To Pick A Career?

Explore the real world of work so that you can get in-demand jobs and prepare for life after graduation.

Be prepared for what happens after graduation

Build confidence in your plan and feel prepared for life. 

This 3-6 months online program allows young adults ages 16-26 discover the best career and education path for them. Before this program people had to guess about what jobs are going to be the best fit for them and would waste valuable time and money.  We want you to make wise investments in education and get into income producing jobs that match your skills and interest sooner rather than later. 

Know your options.
Get experience.
Plan your goals.
Get the education you need.
Get resources to pay for your ongoing learning.

Be prepared for what happens after graduation

What does it mean to be college or career ready?

Find out with the Real World of Work Program

Designed to help you explore the best career fit for you and choose in-demand jobs
Explore Careers
Explore Careers

There are millions of different kinds of jobs in the world. You don't know what you don't know. Sometimes too many options can confuse you. Get the confidence you need that you are making a good choice for starting your work-life.

Education At The Right Time
Education At The Right Time

Learning is a life-long experience. We want you to get education at the right cost, at the right time based on in-demand jobs.

Proactive Career Planning

Proactive Career Planning

Before we had computers and amazing data scientist we had to guess at our future careers. Now we are able to get information to help us stay skilled and connected to get jobs in-demand.

Real World Experience

Real World Experience

Sometimes you don't know that you really want to pursue an area of interest until you have tired it. With Virtual Reality and learn-on-the job opportunities, you can get experience the jobs you want before you commit to it.

Getting Started.

For Young Adults 16- 26 years old looking to take control of their future.


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Start your work-life off on the right foot.
Real World of Work
3-6 mth program
$ 1,150 Basic Program Fee
  • Work 101 Online Courses
  • Mindfulness Goal Training Online Courses
  • Business Operations 101 Online Courses
  • 3 Career Coaching Sessions
  • 2 Virtual Reality Job Exploration Sessions
  • First Job or Internship
  • Optional Mentor Match and Networking Opportunties